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By Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375, Real Estate Services You can Trust!
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Our local paper published a obvious article concerning the number of foreclosures.  The real reason for the article was two fold. One to sensationalize the current real estate market in our area and sell more papers. A genuine informational guide to scare the hell out of sellers that don't have a foreclosure. The fact that two out of every three sales is a foreclosure should not be a surprise to anyone in our market.  All you have to do is look at the sales statistics, which are public record and available on our local board site. Traditional seller are going to have to do a bit more staging and make sure the buyers they attract are real buyers for their property. Agents are going to have to do a better job of screening as well to make sure the buyers are really qualified for the price ...
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By Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375, Real Estate Services You can Trust!
(Flexit Realty "Flexible Home Selling Solutions")
In today's market the reality of many sellers becoming landlords instead of sellers is happening more and more.  Why would you sellers turn to this alternative?  Pretty simple they have not been able to sell and they have two mortgage payments.  Even the most wealthy among us will reach a threshold of spending before they make the decision to rent. Sometimes the rent does not cover all the costs of the mortgage but at the same time it costs more than if they kept on the same path of pulling the second mortgage from savings. We just had an article published concerning this very subject in our local paper.  It is evident even with help from the Rental Property Owners Association and the input by the local Real Estate Association the writer was not very familiar with the subject matter. Th...
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By Elrico Hurley
(Amerisave Mortgage Company)
I would like to introduce you to the REAL BANK OF THE PEOPLE: The United States of America. Let's take a look. Through our tax dollars we now owns most of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their $5.2 trillion in guarantees/portfolios. WE owns 80% of American International Group's $70 billion or so in "credit default swap" contracts on subprime bonds. (This is not a good thing to own.) WE also own 80% of AIG outright (a $1 trillion company) including a once-top-ranked mortgage insurer, United Guaranty. WE own AIG's two mortgage banking subs, which were shrinking anyway, (not a big deal in the scheme of things.)  WE own $30 billion in Bear Stearns' risky bonds. Meanwhile, Congress, Treasury and the Fed's Ben Bernanke are going to write legislation to create a "Mortgage RTC." This strain of t...
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By Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375, Real Estate Services You can Trust!
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Everywhere you look there is doom and gloom and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans, hard to figure they control congress but easy when the other party is in the White House.  Can't say either deserve our votes.  Doesn't matter to me, I think they all screwed up and left America holding the bag!  Or should I say the bill. So why smile?  Simple, in every market someone figures out how to sell and help people that need help.  This market is no exception.  It isn't easy but you can still have a great year.  You can still list and you can still sell homes. Today I got a big hug from a seller that thought there wasn't an honest Realtor left!  Anyway, that is what she told me.  She lost her job...her husband has lost three jobs in three years.  Not because they were fired.  No, they wan...
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By Joel Nelson
(Keller Williams Realty Kalamazoo)
I always was impressed with the manner in which HUD handled their foreclosures.  They had (or have) a very detailed, comprehensive, fair system for the purchase of their porperties.   But this year, they've evindently had a reason to switch law firms and then switch back again. Meanwhile, many of their properties here in SW Michigan are left in limbo.  You can't sell them, you can't buy them.  They just sit vacant.  For months! I'm very curious as to WHY?  Is it because the law firm from whom they pulled the contract has filed a lawsuit that has prevented the continuation of the transfer? I can think of no other reason.  But that would mean that HUD must've had what they felt was a very good reason to pull that contract.  OR, they pulled it without realizing the implications.  OR they r...
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By Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375, Real Estate Services You can Trust!
(Flexit Realty "Flexible Home Selling Solutions")
The Internet has given may buyers and sellers the thought that they can buy and sell without a Realtor.  Well the truth is they can....the other truth is they also take on all the liability for the paperwork, proper disclosures, negotiating the sale and purchase price and any errors and omissions accidental or not. If Realtors get sued and they know the rules, regulations, laws and employ professionals to help them close the sale how do you think you will do without training?  It looks simple.  Put a sign in the yard and wait for a buyer to find you.  Well that used to be the way it was.  The Internet changed all that.  So now you find the lowest priced Internet listing company and put up a few photos and a sell price and wait for buyers to find you?  Well if it were that simple every R...
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By Gary White~Grand Rapids Home Selling Pro Call: 616-821-9375, Real Estate Services You can Trust!
(Flexit Realty "Flexible Home Selling Solutions")
The Michigan legislature from time to time makes changes to how Realtors do business and how we represent ourselves to our clients.Unfortunately many times these changes are the direct result of someone cheating or misrepresenting themselves to a client.  Changes in the lending laws and getting lenders licensed is a one of the most recent examples of legal displeasure by the legislature.  They are still working on the final drafts of some sweeping changes.The Limited Service Agreement as it is call or Bill No. 4417 will become effective on July 1, 2008.  Who will this bill affect?  Based on the language it will affect everyone anyway Realtors....the disclosure forms that we currently use will have to be modified to add specific language to identify your agency relationship with sellers ...
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By PJ Phillips
(Jaqua Realtors)
We can do as little - or as much as you would like - to attract the greatest number of buyers...PJ'S STAGING offers two levels of service to accommodate the needs of sellers, agents and builders. For each level, we are determined to provide superior service with the kind of integrity and dedication that every client deserves. CONSULTATION - for those who want to stage their homes under our guidanceDo you know how to make an ordinary room look extraordinary? We do!For those who would like to stage their homes themselves, we offer a consultation in which we will provide you with a thorough report that will show you how to prepare your house for sale. We are passionate about what we do, and we love to educate sellers about how to maximize each space. In a consultation, we will analyze ever...
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By Matt Mulder
(Keller Williams Realty)
I always wondered if having an interest only is better than having a regular conventional mortgage. Given that the interest on an interest only loan is at a higher tax deduction rate than a conv. mortgage, could it quite possibly be true that having in interest only loan, and using the savings from an interest only loan and putting into a high rate of return invest will actully net more money. Any feedback would be great!
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By Ethan Dozeman, Real Estate in Grand Rapids
(Realty Executives Platinum Group)
Listing for Fraternity Village 1619 Fraternity Village DR. Kalamazoo, MI 49006 County: Kalamazoo For more information, click to email: (616) 301-6766 Platinum Realty Please email me for more information on this investment in Kalamazoo less than 1 mile from the main Western Michigan University Campus. So our idea now is to turn the 24, one bedroom units into 12 2 bedroom units by removing one wall.  Because the zoning is R-15 it allows 15 units per acre.  This would free up 10 units for us to build 10 6 bedroom units thereby maximizing density and cashflow.  This is in the preliminary stages, but we are moving forward.
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