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By Marc Reno
(Bauer-Reno & Associates Real Estate LLC)
We saw this coming a mile away....socially acceptable "strategic defaults."  For purposes of my blog I am suggesting that "strategic default" means a homeowner that can make his or her payments but chooses not to for one reason or another. (Note: this excludes legitimate hardships like job loss or health issues for example) Many owners think, "I'll walk away, my credit will get dinged up a bit, I will keep my credit clean and be able to buy again in a few years".  But we should look at the real long term affects of default. First, how long will it be before the borrower can buy again? The numbers change depending on who you ask and when, but a common response is 5 to 7 years from date of default to get any kind of respectable mortgage loan.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on yo...
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By Mike Warfel, Associate Broker
(Mike & Rita Warfel Real Estate LLC)
The country life we enjoy outside of Avoca, Michigan has morning chores I have chosen to do. We have horses that need to be feed and watered every morning in the winter months. There is also a small flock of chickens to be taken care of. Each of these animals reward us in there own way. The chickens help make the compost for me by keeping the pile stirred and a supply fresh eggs to eat. The horses are a joy to watch them interact and fun to ride. In the Summer time we always have a big garden. The choices we make come with daily chores . As Realtors active with an online community we have chosen to keep in touch with our own group. There has been an acceptance of an obligation take place. I am committing to write often and with hopefully interesting content.The list of "Chores" that a R...
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By Lester Wilkins
(Blue Water Home Loans NMLS# 166527)
If you do business in St. Clair County you might want to check out the Fort Gratiot Business Association! MISSION: To promote and sustain the economic growth of local businesses and the quality of our community.VISION:The Fort Gratiot Business Association was organized to promote our local businesses and community and to present a unified voice on important issues that affects the success of Fort Gratiot.
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