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By Ted Cantu
(i Cantu Media LTD)
You have seen the commercials on Channel 7. This ABC affiliate is one of the only sources that is talking about this great wave of change coming to Metro Detroit. Occassionally there is some mention of it in the Detroit Free Press. The idea here is that in 2020 the residents of Metro Detroit will be exposed to a whole new city. That leaves us with 8 years. Not 20. 8. The last 8 years zipped by with corruption, a murder investigation tied to the mayor and other horrendous conditions including embezzlement and mismanagement of funds. The core issues of the problem have still yet to be addressed in the form of the downtown area which is a crime ridden shambles. These buildings sit vacant and are deteriorating at a rapid rate. Some blocks continue to be an eyesore while other blocks, (not s...
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