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By Jason Sams
(Stop Bad Realtors)
WHAT REALTORS WONT TELL YOU Did you know that if you sign up with a realtor (listing agreement) and your realtor finds a buyer, then that buyer backs out of the deal for whatever reason, your realtor will sue you for the commission even though the sale did not go through? While they don't have a real chance in court, they will hope you will settle without going to court.If you do go to court, it could cost you out to $20,000 to get the case thrown out of court. Yes, you can file ethics complaints with the local Board, but they will just slap the realtors hand and say "you shouldn't do that".SOLUTION: DON'T USE A REALTOR! USE A "FOR SALE BY OWNER" COMPANY AND SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN COMMISSIONS!   
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