Dhu Varren On The Park (Ann Arbor, MI)
By Missy Caulk, Savvy Realtor - Ann Arbor Real Estate
(Missy Caulk TEAM)
Broker Bryant wrote on a final walk through that has inspired this post. I have sold five homes in Dhu Varren over the years.  This situation occurred at the closings of one of those homes. AT THE CLOSING TABLE, the Buyer Agent, "there is a HUGE spot on the carpet and we want new carpet." "Well, I'm sorry but, my sellers have moved out of country and you should have let me know last night after your walk-through. However, as my clients have moved out of country, I will pay to have it cleaned." No, they wanted new carpet. It was huge. So I stopped the closing, and said I am going to the house to look at the spot before I try to reach my clients.   I did.  The HUGE spot was less than the size of a quarter. That's IT!   I called the sellers and they said they had forgotten about it, until ...
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