I Love Ellicott City (Ellicott City, MD)
By Laura Strunk, Howard County Maryland Realtor
(Keller Williams Realty Centre)
This is the comment I heard yesterday while I was walk through the common area in my office by another agent.   This comment caused me to pause and head towards the file drawer to pretend I had an addendum that I needed to find at that exact moment.    But in reality I wanted to eavesdrop of the conversation.    The agent continued by saying that he tells his buyers up front that he does not show short sales and if they are interested in seeing short sales he will refer them to another agent.     His reasoning was he had a lot of short sales contracts that never went to settlement and he felt it was a waste of his time and caused the buyers to become discouraged with the process of buying and often they stopped looking all together.     Of course short sales are difficult and often time...
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All of the below links come from Wikipedia - This is the page I got them from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Public_domain_image_resources     This is an awesome resource.  Please check it out.  Additionally, you can type 'public domain photos', 'public domain images' or 'public domain clip art', - into your favorite search engine (mine is Google - soon to control the world).  Additionally - and very importantly: "The presence of a resource on this list does not guarantee that all or any of the images in it are in the public domain. You are still responsible for checking the copyright status of images before you" use them I would just suggest that you make sure that the images you are using are public domain images.   I repeat (for extra emphasis): **Be SURE about the images yo...
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This is a true story. Enjoy! And, afterwards, let's discuss the benefits of an online presence even though you may not always be able to connect a purchase with a specific form of advertising.  ********************************** Sunday morning, August 13th, 2006 - My wife and I woke up early and were enjoying a cup of coffee on the 6x14 sq. ft. balcony of our condo.  Our beautiful view - the backside of the building directly behind ours separated only by a small strip of sparsely forested land with run-off drainage snaking through it (I'd call it a creek, but that would be a gross overstatement).  As we were sitting there talking and taking in what scenery was available to us, we both watched in disgust as one of the residents in the building across the way walked out onto their third f...
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