By Stephen Stricklin
(Advance Realty)
Is it not great that at anytime, the media can dig up an old segment on any industry at any time when they have nothing else to report on that is news worthy. Well, Paris Hilton is in jail and started eating again, so what else is there ?Lets go out and report on the media that spends nights hidden in places taking pictures and invading the privacy of eveyone and often times blowing things out of proportion and at times stating things that are not true. Well, it sure would look like that all news agencys are that way. Wouldn't it ? I know it is not true but that is the way it would look would it not? Here is an idea ABC, Lets find the good folks that are out there that chose real estate professionals or any industry for that matter, to represent them and that were HAPPY with them. I kno...
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