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Plympton, MA Real Estate News

By Melissa Juarez
(Massachusetts Buyers Broker Agency, LLC)
Visit the Billingsgate Farm in Plympton, MA this year.  The farm is located at 6 County Road, on Route 106, Plympton.  It was founded in 1800 and is now a 55-acre farm owned and operated by the Reading family. Seventy-five (75) percent of what is grown at the Billingsgate Farm is sold to Whole Foods in Hingham, MA and Foodie's Market in Duxbury, MA.  On July 3rd, the farm is hosting a meet the beekeeper event at noon.  Come visit the farm and learn about growing organic produce.  Then buy corn, tomatoes and other fresh produce to take home.   Hello, welcome to my blog and welcome to the South Shore of Boston, MA.  If you are a potential home buyer and you are interested in a South Shore neighborhood, please contact me today to start receiving listings and open house schedules.  Let's co...
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