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By Jennifer Fivelsdal, Mid Hudson Valley real estate connection
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  Today I went Leaf peeping in the Berkshire.  I took the train ride from Stockbridge to Lenox.  My option was a two how lay over at the museum in Lenox or two hours to walk around Lee.  I decided to spend the two hours in Lee where I discovered a lovely Peruvian Restaurant called Alpamayo.  I like all sorts of cuisine and somehow I knew this would make my day. I love Yucca (cassava) but I have never had it in the form of fries, I really loved it and will probably make it myself.  A good portion of the menu was centered around seafood which I love, so I really enjoyed the food. For dessert I had a Flan, it was called something else which I can't recall.  All I can say is that it was awesome.  I have a love hate relationship with flan, I hate it when I can taste egg.  This was just cream...
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