Anchorage (Louisville, KY)
By Jessica Gaines Jarboe, Principal Broker
(Louisville Gaines Real Estate)
If you are looking for ideas to use in your Louisville home, you might watch home shows on HGTV or follow trends on the internet, there is nothing like seeing examples of what to do in person. Right now through September 23, the Designers' Showhouse 2012 in Anchorage is open to the public everyday to give you ideas. Presented by the Women's Council of Bellarmine University, the showhouse is now in its 39th year. Proceeds from the tours will benefit programs at Bellarmine University. The home known as the Wilkinson Home at 1701 Evergreen in Anchorage is a 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath traditional style home built by Louisville architect Fredric Morgan in 1953. Renovated throughout, the showhouse illustrates how a 60 year old home can fit the needs of a modern family and use some green technology u...
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By Joe Hayden Real Estate Team, Your Louisville Real Estate Experts!
(RE/MAX Properties East)
Anchorage is a suburb of Louisville that has become extremely popular as Louisvillians move further and further East, encroaching on Shelbyville. Unlike the new development neighborhoods lining Eastern Shelbyville Rd., Anchorage is a historical area that houses homes with beautiful architecture and tree lined streets. Interestingly enough, Anchorage was originally not a part of Kentucky at all. The area of Anchorage was a land grant given to members of the Virginia Militia after they had been of service in the French and Indian War. Later on, the area was officially given it's modern name because of an early resident, a riverboat captain named James W. Goslee. As Anchorage become more popular, wealthy Louisvillians began to build summer homes to retreat from the hustle and bustle of dow...
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By Dave Halpern, Louisville Short Sale Expert
(Dave Halpern Real Estate Agent, Inc., Louisville, KY (502) 664-7827)
As a short sale Realtor, I have many kitchen table conversations with borrowers in foreclosure. I often get handed a stack of letters and asked to decipher what the lender is saying. Although crystal clear to the professional, to the end consumer the verbiage is often confusing, cryptic, ambiguous and frankly incomprehensible. Why Not Use Simple English? Complex banking terminology is used instead of simple English. Borrowers get denial letters for requests they never made. The list goes on. Many borrowers get so scared and perplexed by the process they just don’t know who to turn to and who to believe. Borrowers Want To Make Informed Decisions Millions of borrowers are desperately making the monumental and noble effort to work things out with their lender. Borrowers want to make good d...
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By Pam Ruckriegel, Negotiating the Best Deal for You!
(Louisville Real Estate Pros - 502-435-5524)
If you’ve been reading my previous articles, you’ll know that before you get out to look at homes, you’ve got to do a few other important things: First, get with a lender and get pre-approved; Choose a Realtor to work for you also known as your Buyer’s Agent. Now you are ready to start seeing homes, but wait. First, you need to really establish with your agent what you really want and need in a home. You may have taken the time to give some of this information to your agent when you where interviewing him or her, but if not, make an appointment to sit down with your agent to discuss this. At this consultation, be very open and forthcoming about yourself. Talk to the agent about your lifestyle: for example, are you a homebody who likes to stay at home and cook and work in the garden? Or ...
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