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By Linda "Elle" Wheaton
(Landmark Realty, Inc.)
Hello everyone! One of the great things in our area are the many fruit farms.  In summer, we have the sweetest peaches you can find anywhere, and now... now is Apple Picking Time. Take a drive up the River Road along the Mississippi to Calhoun County and find any kind of an apple you are hungry for.  Me?  I'm for a bushel of Jonathan and a bushel of Yellow Delicious.  That combination makes some of the best darn apple butter you can find.  Of course there are a few secret ingredients that have come down through the family and I'm not at liberty to tell you about, but if you buy a house from me, your reward at Thanksgiving is a pint of fresh Apple Butter.  Just think, bisquits, dripping with butter and a big dab of fresh sweet apple butter on top.  Yummmm... nothing like it. If you hurry...
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