Garfield Bay (Sandpoint, ID)
By Kent Anderson, from Schweitzer to the Lake
(Coldwell Banker Resort Realty, Sandpoint, Idaho)
  I'm happy to report I have a new listing! My new listing (1769 Garfield Bay Road) is located 13 miles from my front door (a 3-mile drive to Sandpoint, another 3 miles across Lake Pend Oreille and the Sandpoint Long Bridge to the town of Sagle and, finally, 7 miles east on Sagle Road to the community of Garfield Bay).  I DO NOT take this journey for granted.  It would be hard to imagine a more beautiful 13 mile trip and I will make this sojourn as often as possible...if for no other reason than to just enjoy life in North Idaho. Yesterday I was given the task to deliver my new flyers to the flyer box on my listing sign.  (This begs the question, "Are flyers really effective?"  Answer:  "Who cares?  I get to make the trip, once again to "the Bay"!  ...did I mention I do this as often as...
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