Pier Pointe (Boise, ID)
By Aaron Catt
(Southern Idaho Management)
As a way to generate some activity to my new blog at www.boisearearents.com I have started a gentle email campaign to all of my clients.  Now, these aren't people who I don't know, they are either current or past clients (with some friends, and family in the mix too).Tonight as I was posting about the Boise real estate market, I decided that I would make a case study out of selling my own home.  So, I will be taking my clients for the same ride that they go through, employing the same techniques that they have access to through me and my marketing to show them exactly how the market is currently behaving in our area, more precisely, the area that I live in.  I have been educating my clients on how markets are local and that there can be good and bad markets within a mile radius of one a...
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