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By Scott May, M.S., CRS., REALTOR Coldwell Banker Bullard Newnan GA
(Newnan - Peachtree City and surrounding areas)
Sunset (taken with an iphone so some imagination is required) at F.D. Roosevelt State Park, Georgia's largest State Park https://gastateparks.org/FDRoosevelt with just a little over 9,000 acres features a variety of outdoor activities and events.  Even just a day drive to see the sights is a wonderful way to take it in.  The park has more than 40 miles of trails, breathtaking scenic views, plagygrounds, picnick areas and campgrounds.I live an work in the Newnan/Peachtree City area, an so from there this gem of an outdoor experience is less than an hour away.  I first started coming down to this area when I was just 17 years old (some friends I knew had lived in the Greenville area) and loved it in those parts then but didn't realise just how much more there is to do in the area as I do ...
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By Richard Weisser, Richard Weisser Retired Real Estate Professional
(Richard Weisser Realty)
  Springtime and Callaway Gardens: the two just go together! The Pine Mountain preserve is one of the most popular attractions in middle Georgia. Located just ninety minutes Southwest of Atlanta, Callaway Gardens is a far cry from the urban landscape of the city. In addition to the gardens featuring both indigenous and exotic species of flora, there is the Sibley Horticulture Center, The Cecil Day Butterfly House, the Virginia Hand Callaway Discover Center, the Callaway Brothers Azalea Bowl, Robin Lake Beach and my Favorite: Mr. Cason’s Garden … a great southern demonstration vegetable plot and the home of The Victory Garden South! You can learn more about Callaway Gardens at their website! And you can see why it is one of my favorite year-round places to visit! Photos Taken March 19, 2...
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By Richard Weisser, Richard Weisser Retired Real Estate Professional
(Richard Weisser Realty)
Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia is world famous for its amazing collection of Spring-blooming azaleas and rhododendrons. Flower lovers from around the world converge at the gardens every Spring for the showy display. What many horticulture enthusiasts may NOT know is that Callaway Gardens is a great place for viewing fall foliage well into November! The garden features a wide variety of deciduous species that blaze into their Autumn splendor about the same time that the least leaves are falling in the North Georgia Mountains. And while you’re there enjoying the display of fall color, you may also want to check out the Cecil B. Day Butterfly House, the John A, Sibley Horticulture Center, and the latest addition, the Virginia Callaway Discovery Center! For complete information ...
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By Richard Weisser, Richard Weisser Retired Real Estate Professional
(Richard Weisser Realty)
I love everything about railroads! I love the feel of tons of iron and steel making the earth tremble by virtue of their sheer immensity. I love the smell of creosote and grease, and the distant sound of the horns blaring as they approach crossing grades! I love the appearance of mile after mile of perfectly parallel rails running off into the distance, floating on a bed of crushed rock and held in place with square spikes! There is also a magnificent serpentine quality of a long string of rolling stock meandering through the countryside. Our country expanded during the industrial age on the backbone of the railroads! With the ability to move our natural resources and finished products easily throughout the continent, our great nation became the economic leader of the world. But alas, A...
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