Camden Square (Lawrenceville, GA)
By Eric Reid
(Renaissance Realty Group of Keller Williams Atlanta Partners)
DREAM BIG When you think about your future, don’t be afraid to dream big. This will make short-term failures easier to handle. When you hit an obstacle it won’t stop you because your eyes are set on a bigger goal. Big Dreams are fun to share to talk about with others and when others know your BIG DREAM they want to help .. everyone wants to back a winner  EDUCATE YOURSELF Learn, read, talk about, listen, experience everything you can about your particular goal or dream. If you wish to be an author, you can take classes, read books, write, talk with other writers, join work-shops, etc. Be with people taking their dreams to a higher level it will pull you forward.  GET ORGANIZED A clean, tidy, and well-organized home, office, and life is a must for the motivated mind. Physical clutter can...
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