Uptown Area (Columbus, GA)
By Charmaine Crabb
(Columbus / Ft. Benning/Phenix City- Waddell Realty Co. LLC)
We have all done it.  Gone into Barnes and Noble or Books a Million and sat down and read a magazine or book.  Sometimes we have done it to kill some time before a movie.  Other times we had a specific magazine or book in mind.  But why buy the book when you can get your information FOR FREE? Like so many things, you don't think about it until it affects you personally. My husband owns a successful Guitar store here in the UPtown area of Columbus, GA called Gorilla Guitars . It has won several awards for their customer service and product sales.  They provide a wonderful atmosphere that people enjoy coming to, hanging out, and playing the instruments.  There staff is knowledgable because they are all musicians.  All the instructors in the lessons program have a degree.  The lessons prog...
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