Callaway Gardens (Columbus, GA)
By Wayne Long, Homes for Sale In Fort Benning Ga
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There are a lot of great things to do around Columbus on the 4th of July.    For example we could go down to "Thunder on the Hooch" at the River downtown.  It is a family friendly art, crafts and fireworks event.    We chose to go to Callaway Gardens today.  The will have a flying circus with performers from Florida State University along with all kinds of beach activities and fair like fun.   We will eat some barbeque and Corn cooked in the shuck slathered with butter.   Tonight the Swinging Medalions will play beach music and fireworks will begin at dark.  Callaway is definitely one of the 10 best things about living in Columbus GA.   Wherever we are we all need to remember the men who risked their lives and continue to risk their lives so that we can be free.    Columbus Georgia Real...
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