Raintree Village (Newark, DE)
By Mike McGavisk, Finding Your Road Home
(Keller Williams Realty)
Last week, I was visiting some friends who have a daughter who is about three.  She was building a tower with her blocks while we sat around and discussed some “grown up” politics.  She could successfully make a tower three blocks, but every time she tried for block #4, her clumsy toddler fingers would knock it down.  Remembering when my own boys were that age, I offered to help steady the house while she added the last block.  Indignantly, she placed her chubby hands on her hips and announced, “No tank you.  I do it myself!”  Needless to say, the tower never passed three blocks. We laugh, but often first-time home buyers can feel the same way.  Making the commitment to purchase a home often takes every financial resource an individual or a couple can muster, so the temptation is to for...
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