Peak One Parcel (Frisco, CO)
By Amy Nakos
(Your Castle Summit)
A few months ago, I was asked to participate in a citizens' discussion group about the future of a parcel of land in Frisco.  This triangular parcel is 12.8 acres and is named the Peak One Parcel.  It is located along the bike path in Frisco and bordered by Fifth Avenue and Belford Streets.The Town of Frisco has engaged Perry-Rose, a Denver planning, development and advisory firm, to work with the town and its citizens to create a socially and environmentally responsible mixed income housing community on this parcel.  The Town of Frisco is sensitive to the fact that housing prices in Frisco have made home ownership for its local workers almost impossible.In meetings and discussions with town planners and Perry-Rose, most comments and concerns were about density, ensuring that the design...
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