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Uncle Toms Cabin - Wentworth Springs Rd, El Dorado National Forest, CA 95634 Uncle Toms Cabin (est. 1864) is a great place to stop en route to the Rubicon Trail for off-road enthusiasts or simply a cool destination if you're looking for a rustic retreat. However, if you're not coming in a Jeep, 4WD truck, SUV or even a hypermotard, just know in advance that you'll have to go about 1/4 mile on a dirt road off Wentworth Springs Road to get to Uncle Toms Cabin! Here are some photos of our group of motorcycles going down that road...and no, most of us didn't know in advance that we'd be riding on the dirt!   It's about halfway between Georgetown and Loon Lake (or for those more familiar with the area, between Stumpy Meadows Lake and Ice House Road) just east of Lawyer Trail. The map coordin...
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