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By Dave Westall
(Oliver Luxury Real Estate)
It's starting to look a lot like summer in Lake Tahoe! While we all enjoy swimming in the lake, there's nothing better than bringing our four legged friends along to enjoy the outdoors with us. There are only a handful of beaches around North Lake Tahoe that are dog friendly and we've done the research so you don't have to! See below for dog friendly beaches from The East Shore, North Shore to the West Shore. If you're on the go, be sure to download the Tahoe Beaches App which allows you to search and discover Lake Tahoe public beaches everywhere around the lake.   Dog Friendly Beaches In North Lake Tahoe   Chimney Beach & The East Shore of Lake TahoeLake Tahoe's Chimney Beach is located along the northeastern Nevada portion of the lake, about a 13-mile drive from the southern state lin...
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By Scott Jones, Lake Tahoe RE Specialist
(Coldwell Banker)
Winter is coming to Tahoe NOW Okay, it took a bit, but old man winter is coming!  We had an amazing fall run of great weather so it is about time. It is about 7pm on Thursday night and the wind is blowing so hard!  The snow is supposed to start falling soon and we will all see an amazing transformation up here.  Of course I will post pictures. On a side note, my 5 year-old and I went to dinner alone at a place in Lake Tahoe called Spindelshanks.  We had an amazing dinner and had a great waiter who I now have a bond with.  Turns out he moved out here from New York but he was born in San Francisco and his dad went to Stanford.  Well guess what?  I was born in San Francisco and my dad went to Stanford.  Crazy! If you get a chance go to dinner at Spindelshanks and say hello to my waiter Ed!
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  Vegas Bob would like to wish all my Associates & Friends from ActiveRain a "Good Night" from one of my favorite places in the World ... LAKE TAHOE Temperatures are cooling down around the High Sierras and Lake Tahoe, so you really won't see photos like these boys jumping off the huge rocks into Lake Tahoe unless they were wearing wetsuits.   Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz  9-8-2011
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   I hope everyone at AR and some of the other networks aren't angry because I haven't been posting about Las Vegas, Real Estate and similar subject matter.   We are just having so much fun at Lake Tahoe and I don't mean to rub it in! I am doing my best to capture the moment and beauty of Lake Tahoe with photographs and videos.   We are headed to Pyramid Lake tomorrow just north of Reno/ Sparks Nevada to take a look and find out if it's worth photographing, and then it's back to Tahoe so stay tuned ...   Vegas Bob Parasailing at "Lake Tahoe" California Labor Day 2010 ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgjX5_zq1kA5 min - Sep 7, 2010 - Uploaded by swetz777Vegas Bob Parasailing at "Lake Tahoe" California Labor Day 2010 Video by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) 8-31-2010 Please feel free to ... Lake Taho...
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  "Good Morning" & look Vegas Bob's new home at Lake Tahoe and it just needs a roof!   Here is a wonderful photo of Vegas Bob's new home at Lake Tahoe with Nu Nu sitting inside and Sherry looking at the fish. All it needs now is a roof and a door to keep those long winters warm!   Photograph by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) - Lake Tahoe California - 9-5-2010 - All rights reserved    
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   This photograph was taken from the widow of my car because you can not park on the streets in this neighborhood. The homes in this neighborhood are all Million dollar plus homes and by looking at the view you can see why.  I have been taking hundreds of photographs of Lake Tahoe in California one of my favorite places on Earth to be!  Stay tuned for more posts from Northern California by Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob).  Post & photograph by Robert Swetz - All rights reseved - 9-3-2010
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Vegas Bob will be flying high at "Lake Tahoe" September 2nd in the next few days!   That's right Vegas Bob, Nu Nu & Sherry are taking a 5 day vacation for Labor Day weekend and we are starting early by heading out at 2:00am Thursday morning to "Lake Tahoe. We should be arriving around noon and we wiill check into the hotel and Vegas Bob will be grabbing his Video camera and headed para-sailing like in the photo I took (above) two years ago. This time I will be shooting Video so it should be very exciting!     Then after that we will be jumping on wet-bikes and race around the lake looking at beautiful homes like these in the photo (above).            Then after that we will be looking for the sunset like the one in this photo. So if there is anyone that lives at "Lake Tahoe" from the A...
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 Good Morning Active Rain Members and have you ever seen a view of Lake Tahoe like this?  This view was not easy to capture because of the height I was at and the moving around by the gusts of wind at the high level. This shot was taken 1500 feet para-sailing from a two person sail.  My wife and I stopped by Lake Tahoe to play in July of this year when the fires were burning up California. We were on our way to visit my first Active Rain member since I joined the network, Jessica Bigger -  This post is for Jessica Bigger - by Robert Swetz  If you look real-real close on the left side of the boat that is pulling us, it looks like a tooth pick in the water. That is a person in a kayak paddling in the water, that gives you an idea of how high we were in the air.  It was a very exciting ex...
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