Downtown San Bernardino (San Bernardino, CA)
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In 1910, the first National Orange Show was conceived by a group of civic-minded San Bernardino businessmen as a means of encouraging the culture of citrus fruits and promoting the distribution of the "exotic crop" throughout the world. That first tiny citrus fair was held March 6th through March 11th, 1911. Exhibits packed two canvas tents in a vacant lot at 4th & "E" Streets. The two tents covered about 8000 square feet. Rain fell continuously during the five-day event, but that didn't seem to have an affect. More than 3000 people attended that year. (Inside the First National Orange Show, 1911)(A citrus exhibit during the 1913, National Orange Show)In the following years, it came to be called "California's Greatest Midwinter Event." A permanent site was located at Mill & "E" Streets....
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