Country Club (Richmond, CA)
By Nicole Monary, Nicole Knows San Diego Neighborhoods
(Sellstate Next Gen Realty)
NOTICE OF DEFAULT IN RICHMOND COUNTRY CLUB?  NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE? FORECLOSURE? Here's how you can sell your RICHMOND COUNTRY CLUB home for less than you owe the bank, avoid foreclosure, save your credit and get your lender to pay all the costs-for FREE!  A new informative e-book has just been released called "The Home Owner's Guide to Real Estate Short Sales" and it is possibly the most valuable guide on how to use a short sale to stop or avoid foreclosure available today.  Inside this book, you will learn how to sell your RICHMOND COUNTRY CLUB home or investment property quickly and easily using a home selling strategy called a real estate short sale...and owe nothing! You can stop the bank from foreclosing on your RICHMOND COUNTRY CLUB home and ruining your credit without costing y...
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