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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
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What can you do with an FHA 203k loan in Fresno? The FHA 203k loan program is for purchase or refinancing a home PLUS you get the money to fix it up all in one low interest loan. That is the "BIG DEAL" about the program. If you were to purchase a home that needed significant renovation then go to the bank to get a construction loan you would be paying high interest and points on both loans. This is an "all in one" product that saves you on the points and the interest rate was under 4% on some we closed last week. Construction money might be 11-12% and 3-6 points... Yikes!  The deck on this home was pretty well shot, lots of rot and in need of major repairs.Kings Canyon area of Fresno     I really like the way they did the address on the door. Easy to read as you fly by this one...      ...
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