Lower Linda Vista (Pasadena, CA)
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Lamanda Park, Pasadena, CA Community and Real Estate InformationLamanda Park is a popular residential area in Pasadena's eastern district. Foothill Freeway to the north, Allen Avenue to the west, E Del Mar Boulevard to the south, and N Kinneloa Avenue to the west are all easy access points. This community began with 1,300 acres of property, dubbed Sunny Slope Ranch at the time. It was a piece of land that L.J. Rose owned. Several wineries sprang up in the area soon after. From 1865 until 1923, the Sierra Madre Vintage Company, Sunny Slope Winery, and Mountain Wine Company were just a few of the well-known wineries. The Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley Railroad arrived in the neighborhood in 1885. Lamanda Park drew a lot of interest from other areas as a result of this railroad system....
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