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By Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker, Put 40 years of experience to work for you
(Elizabeth Anne Weintraub, Broker)
There is a sign in the middle of a grassy field at Mono Lake that says when the water reaches that spot, Mono Lake will be restored. That sign is a long ways from the water. It's hard to believe that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power caused such destruction in the middle of nowhere but it did. It stole the water from Mono Lake in 1941, and 30 years later LADWP swiped some more. The lake used to take up more than 4 acres of land. Today, it is less than 2 acres. It's about 9 miles around the lake. By diverting streams that fed Mono Lake, the LAWPD drained the lake by half. This body of water is home to almost 88% of the gull population in North America. Hundreds of birds make their home at Mono Lake. Draining the lake caused devastation and threatened this habitat, it collapse...
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By Susan Laxson CRS, Realtor in Naples & Marco Island, FL
(Premiere Plus Realty)
Mono Lake is one of the most unusual lakes in North America and considered to be one of the oldest in the western hemisphere. It is believed that the lake was formed over 750,000 years ago and sediments located below the ash layer suggest that Mono Lake could be a remnant of a larger and older lake that once covered a large part of Nevada and Utah. The hyper salinity and high alkalinity of the lake, means that no fish are native to the lake. The lake is famous for a tiny species of brine shrimp that are found nowhere else on earth. During the warm summer months, an estimated 4 to 6 trillion inhabit the lake. Brine shrimp are not eaten by humans, but are an important food source for the millions of birds that migrate to the region. Mono Lake is known as an important resting and eating st...
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 The photograph above taken at (Mono Lake California).  Robert Swetz headed out to capture the beauty of Nature   Another weekend off and I am very excited about getting out of the city, breathing some fresh air,taking some beautiful photographs like the ones on this post, writing some pages for my new book and relaxing my body & soul with some natural meditation.  All of us live in different areas of Natural beauty that God has created for us. For me Nature and Beauty are my "Happiness" and that is why I continue to post with photographs.  I post photographs about different places to show possible reasons people may want to relocate or move to these areas.  As everyone knows my favorite areas of beauty are Northern California, Alaska, Oregon,Washington State, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Ari...
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 This beautiful photograph was captured on my drive between Mammoth Lakes & Mono Lake California. It is a huge Male Elk with around 20 young just taking a break so Robert Swetz (Vegas Bob) could capture them in their moment.  I almost missed this shot and did a double take as I turned my car around, very rarley are you able to view such a sight in the wide open and this is not a farm these are wild Elk.  "Have a wonderful day after the long weekend"  PS - Could this be a morning meeting of a Broker and his Agents?  Photograph by Robert Swetz - Mono County California between Mammoth Lakes & Mono Lake  
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 Can anyone at Activerain please help Vegas Bob?  This post is about Real Estate so I am coming to my friends and members at Activerain.  Growing up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes I am always interested in properties on Lakes, Rivers or the ocean. I own a lake lot in northern Minnesota 90 miles south of Canada and the view looks very similar to this photograph (above).  Nu Nu and I have not been back to Minnesota in over seven years to spend any time at our lake lot. I have decided to sell it because we never go by to Minnesota for visits and it is to far away. My brother went to look at our lake lot and take some photographs so I can advertise the property better.  I have another property for sale - 11.2 acres in Dyer Nevada 5 hours north of Las Vegas.  My dream is to some day...
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 Could this be the Planet Mars or Planet Earth?  On my visit to Mono Lake in California only 6 hours from Las Vegas Nevada I was very surprised to see no one around the lake.  I drove down as far as I could with the car and then hiked around 2 miles through this white stinky salt sand.  There was no one there but me and the wild life, it looked like another (World)!  It was over 90 degrees and while I hiked the sun was beating down on me. The ground was spongy so I walked very careful because I know there are areas in the United States that have quicksand. I wasn't about to become a victim if there was because there wasn't a soul around.  I have never seen a Lake quite like Mono Lake and I don't believe I will any time in the near future.  All photographs taken by Robert Swetz (Vegas B...
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  Some may think by looking at this beautiful photograph that you just point and take the photograph, this is not true for this wonderful capture!  This is what it took for me to capture this Mountain Reflection ..................  1)   The drive from Las Vegas to Mono Lake in California is around 6 hours.  2)   Once I arrived at Mono Lake I drove down a dirt road to get as close to the water as possible.  3)   Then I hiked threw this white sulfur stinky swampy grass, mud, etc. for around 2 miles to the Lake.  4)   Then I had to position myself just right to capture this scene.  5)   And then I had to hike back.  The temperature was over 90 degrees and very, very (HOT)! It's a good thing I brought some water with me because I wasn't about to drink it from the lake.  I shot about 60 pho...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 What are you doing for fun in 2009?  Well New years finally hit Las Vegas, later than everyone else that lives East of us. There were around 200,000 people hanging around The Strip this evening and what a Zoo!  Now that the New Year has rang in, is anyone planning any fun events this year that they would like to share?  My wife and I are planning a trip to South East Asia again this Spring, but I thought I would save that one for later.  We are also planning a trip back to the Midwest and spend some time with my family, I haven't been back there for 5 years now and I really miss the lakes.  I will be fishing with my brother and his boys quite a bit this Summer and I am very excited about it. Getting out on the lake and not a care in the world, laid back throwing out a line.  We will be...
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 Another wonderful person I have turned to liking the State of California  All I ever here now is, let's go to the Beach or Redwoods in California. Sometimes I think I may have created a monster! Nu Nu is starting to love California like me.  YouTube - The mamas and the papas - California dreamin  Nu Nu has been in America for 7 years now and when she first arrived from Myanmar, her first steps on American soil where in California.  We both really love California and I am searching for other members that love it too.  Please feel free to join my new group  CALIFORNIA DREAMING  and post some blogs about my favorite State, and maybe yours.  Robert Swetz
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