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By Richard Goates, Broker 01251781
(Apex California Realty)
There are many people this time of the year looking for a home with views of Shasta Lake.What many people don't realize is that there are very few properties that are actually right on the water....There are a few that are waterfront homes but the Government owns the land between the water level and the property owners actual line. There are homes that over look Shasta Lake and these range in price from the High $300,000's to up over a Million depending on size,location etc. The main thing to look for when checking out Shasta Lake View homes is the quality of the home, the well...and the desired useage of the home...Will it be primarily used as a vacation home only or will you live in it 6 months out of the year? What might work for a 2 week out of the year residence may not work at all...
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