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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Who owns the Water in the Oceans?Living in the 21st Century and all the technology a person would think that some companies would be able to convert ocean water into drinking water and or usable water at a cheap price.There is so much water that covers the planet earth that there should be (NO) water shortage anywhere.And if I'm not mistaken, I don't think there was ever a water shortage until we started buying water to drink.So many farmers lost their free rights to water their crops along I-5 in California and now there crops are a dust bowl, while homeowners continue to water their lawns.So back to my question ... Who owns the Water in the Oceans?And the way I see it, there is (NO) water shortage, never was!It's all Government Bull ___it ;o(
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Contingencies: Why Are They Important When Making An Offer To Purchase Property?     You've started the process.  You made the decision to purchase a home, perhaps even your first one!  Now that you have found the one you want, what's next?  Your agent will help you,  read more for some tips and insight as to how the process works.  First, you  need to make an Offer.  What that is, is basically an expression of your desire to purchase the property and at what price you are willing to do so.  Your offer will be the first step in the negotiation process.  Just like any other offer you make, it would be highly helpful to take the other party (in this case, the seller) and his/her expectations into consideration when making your offer.  The seller has set an asking price for the property, b...
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By Justin Kurth
(First Horizon Home Loans)
Well,     The last time that I came here to enter my thoughts was a slow day where I was left to my own thoughts a little too long, yesterday and today were the exact oppisite.  If seems like today was the more productive day this week.  Lets see, here is the recap.  Today I finialized three deals (2 OTCs and 1 Purchase) where the total volume was over 3 million.  It appears that the changes in the market not affecting FHHLC like the rest of the market are going to be good for business, at least I hope so.     I don't know if I will be able to post my blog tomorrow or not, I already have about 6 hours worth of presentations and sales meetings (including a marketing meeting with a few of my KW realtors).  I hope that everything goes well and I can end my week around 9 PM tomorrow, but mo...
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