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Pinnacles National Monument... Just Minutes from Soledad and one of the Nationns treasures.   Growing up  South Monterey County we visited the Pinnacles many times on school trips and family outings.  I remember as a kid how fun it was everytime we went.  The most exciting part of going for me was climbing through the huge underground caves and the wild flowers growing everywhere.  Here is a little histroy (I did copy some of the following facts) Naive Americans Anthropologists believe Pinnacles was intermittently occupied by small groups of Native Americans. Evidence in the form of arrowheads and acorn grinding stones have been discovered within the monument. Native Americans, called Costanoans by Spanish colonials, (derived from Spanish for "people of the coast"), inhabited western ce...
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Well... it easy to explain this away on the economy... When in reality it mostly other factors..I look at the properties that I list and really look at the comps that have sold and determine what it was that sets them apart from other listing not moving. The days of listing a property and have multiple over asking offers are long gone. You have to really know what will set your listing apart from other in your area. So of course the biggest reason PRICING... Many home are priced by based what the seller wants. Agents sometimes feel they must go with what the seller wants in order to get the listing,. This is a complete waste of the seller and agents time. I feel obligated to tell my clients the facts, regardless of the seller changing their minds and waiting to sell or going with anothe...
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