Northridge (Fair Oaks, CA)
By Sally Dunbar, Fair Oaks Realtor - Fair Oaks Homes for Sale
(Lyon Real Estate, Fair Oaks CA (Sacramento Area))
Drive down the streets of the Northridge area in Fair Oaks and you better be careful.  Be on the lookout for golfers in their carts... or turkeys.  You are just as likely to see one as the other.   Both the turkeys and the golfers love the proximity to Northridge Country Club, one of our area's finest private Golf Clubs. While living in the neighborhood does not make you a member, many of the 700 or so homes have members as owners. Homes sell fairly quickly in the Northridge neighborhood, which is bordered by Madison Avenue on the North and San Juan on the West. * In 2007 there were 18 homes sales, from $305K - $772K in price. * In 2008 there were 12 home sales, ranging from $179 to $680K. * To date, mid-year 2009, there have been 11 sales,  with 4 on escrow.  There are currently 8 home...
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