Industrial (Benicia, CA)
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Benicia Traveling art show!  Benicia Art by Trained Artist's Benicia....Oh my......the trains keep coming and I am learning so much. I thought the art was good and now I find out that the signatures are famous also. I started seeing this signing by Conrail Twitty and I shot a picture, so I came home and lookied it up on Google. Wow what a story this guy has, but he has since passed away. I am forever grateful that the art caught my eye and now I can spend some time learning about the history of tagging. Benicia has a rail system that goes on each day that I never really paid attention to. It's awesome and it takes my mind off the crazy stuff and let's me focus. Benicia.....I love this City and you will too! If you are thinking about moving here let me know and I will put everythnig I ha...
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