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By Eddy Martinez
(Nationwide Funding Group)
Public RestrictionsPublic Restrictions are primarily zoning laws which promote public health or general public welfare. Zoning essentially regulates land use with regard to lot sizes, type of structures permitted, building heights, setbacks, and density. Zoning departments use specific zoning symbols to show types of property use. For example, R-3 is multiple family,  R-1 is single family, M -1 is light industrial and C-1 stands for commerical property.Changes in zoning may be intiated by a single property owner, developer or government enitity. Commonly zoning is changed from a high density use to a lower density use, such as commerical ( C-1 ) or light manafacturing ( M - 1) to residential ( R- 1) or from residential to conservation. Doing so is known as Downzoning. Sometimes develope...
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