Atherton - Lindenwood (Atherton, CA)
By Kevin Dalonzo
 Lindenwood is home to both newcomers who earned their wealth through involvement in Silicon Valley start-ups to old-timers who come from a long line of prominent families. Go to the link below to view Atherton Market Trend: Most of the 470 homes here sit on one-acre parcels. Unlike West Atherton, there are still a lot of older homes here while the newer homes are relatively modest, less ostentatious multi-million dollar mansions. Consequently, home values remain fairly conservative, posting solid equity gains, less fluctuations and a lower price ceiling – regardless of the overall real estate market.   Boundaries   Marsh Rd. on the north; Bay Rd. on the east; Ringwood Ave. on the south; and Middlefield Rd. on the west   Average Home...
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By Maury O'Hearn
(Premier Property Group)
 I am amazed at what has happened to this sleepy residential "village" it has never been an inexpensive place to live but with the prices going up like they are I often wonder what is going to happen in the next ten years or so. With the average selling price in Atherton well above the three million dollar mark and Menlo Park not far behind - where are the service providers going to live? Will this area eventually turn into a utopia of sorts for the chosen few that can afford it - who will serve them? Do you think the service folks are going to commute an hour or two to cut lawns, and clean homes? Let me know your thoughts...
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Hi let me tell you a little about me and my business. I am new at blogs but with any luckAll that read this will see the humor and hop on to join me on this journey.I am the Broker / Owner of Premier Property Group based in Menlo Park and Placerville California we are a small boutique firm with a passion for service and technology to help make the buying and selling process seamless. We specialize in Luxury Home marketing and a very small niche market of Car collectors that need more space for their toys.Where to start - I grew up in Atherton, when I was nine or ten I got a paper route with the Palo Alto Times newspaper. My route encompassed a good portion of Lindenwood.  Most homes in that area a located on 1+ acre lots with at the time semi-circular driveways (this made it vary easy t...
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