Chinatown (Vancouver, BC)
By Liz Moras Migic, Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor
Chinatown has always mesmerized me; fascinated and tantalized me, but it's been years since the last time I prowled it's streets.  Minutes from the Waterfront Station and next to Gastown, Chinatown has a mystique all it's own.  Apparently it is the 2nd largest Chinatown in North America - next to the one in San Francisco. With scents and sounds all its own, I wandered down the streets and the alleys intriqued by the the Chinese Medicine Shops - carrying herbs and untoward animal bodyparts - thinking this is a topic I really would like to know more about...Interspersed with Chinese tea shops, restaurants, unique architecture and memorials, not to mention yummy bakeries. I eventually succumbed to temptation and bought a delicious coconut cream filled bun.  As I traversed back and forth ac...
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