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By Sally Weatherley, Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C
Staging is Like a Cement Truck - Vancouver Home Staging I was sitting in downtown traffic yesterday.  It was a miserable day.  The rain was pouring continual buckets, and I was stuck in 5 o'clock traffic and a construction site.  I looked over, and there was the cheeriest cement truck (sorry, ready-mix truck) I'd ever seen.  Several thoughts crossed my mind, as I sat there, waiting for the officious flag person to switch their hand sign from Stop to Slow... First, I thought, wow, design is really all around us.  We come across it when we least expect it.  Someone had the creative idea of painting a giant strawberry on that ready-mix truck.  I love the whimsical sense of humour and the fact that the designer really thought outside the box. Second, I thought, gosh, this is just like home ...
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By Sally Weatherley, Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C
Home Staging can be as fun as Kids in a Candy Store! What a wonderful collaboration I had recently.  I just have to share with you all this wonderful experience.  I was invited by Lois North of Lois Interiors to help her stage a multi-million dollar listing in one of the most sought after areas of Vancouver.  This condo is located very near where Goldie Hawn set up house while her son attended hockey here in Vancouver.  I think you get the picture.  Staging this property was fun, of course, but the real highlight was in the afternoon.  We were told by the homeowners that we would be able to go down to an exclusive art gallery, located on Granville Island, to handpick whatever artwork we thought appropriate for the condo.  Are you kidding me?!!  Talk about stagers in an art "candy" store...
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By Will Curry, Seattle Social Media Management
Vancouver Home Rental for 2010 Olympics Vancouver Home Rentals for the 2010 Olympics are going fast, and with only a month away, time to secure your home rental is running out! The culture, the allurement and everything that the Winter Olympics will bring will surely be a fixture in your spirit for years to come. Finding the perfect place to stay might still be a task. If proximity to events, comfort for a larger crew and ambiance are must haves for you, you might consider taking advantage of this amazing House Boat located on Vancouver’s Granville island. This 3 bedroom 2 bathroom vacation residence is yours for the taking.              The rooms are generous, the home has recently been updated and the view from the rooftop deck is breathtaking! After a vigorous day at the Olympics ta...
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