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By Sandra Scott, REALTOR of Choice! Payson, Pine & Strawberry, AZ
(DPR Realty)
Jake's Corner and Tonto Basin are a joy to visit. Located 15 miles South of Payson, just 3 miles South from where Hwy 188 and Hwy 87 intersect is a tiny little bump in the road called Jake's Corner. If you saw Jake's Corner, The Movie you'll recognize the buildings and even some of the "regulars" who played themselves in the movie. You'll miss Jake's Corner if you blink, so hold those eyes wide open and you'll see some interesting things.  Jake's Corner appears to be a bar (Jake's Corner Bar, of course), a grocery store and a small RV Park.  But it is much, much more.   During the settling of Arizona, it was one stop on the stage coach line from Phoenix to Flagstaff.  I can just imagine the weary, dusty travelers who were ready for some dinner and maybe a glass of fresh buttermilk when ...
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