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By Jason Maneely
Back in December,  I wrote about a investment in Prescott Valley Az, click here to view that post,  and told everybody how good it was and that they should pick it up for their investment portfolio.  Well, I watched it for a couple of weeks and nobody touched this place.  Yes, it was pretty ugly, but nothing a little paint and spackle couldn't fix.  It had great bones and a great post modern look, nothing else like it in the area.  So I took my own advice and bought the place.  It close on February 10th and I started fixing it up immediately.  I usually like to do these projects myself, but my real estate sale career was flourishing and I didn't have the time to do the fixes the duplex needed.   I hired a friend that had experience managing apartments and knew how to get the work done a...
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Peeples Valley is a small community in Yavapai County. Surrounded by excellent views of the hills and Cottonwood Trees, Peeples Valley offers a rural ambiance. Residents of Peeples Valley get to enjoy great weather throughout the year, allowing for plenty of time to spend outdoors. Its location is such that you can enjoy some wonderful activities. Yarnell Hill and Weaver Mountains have some exciting trails for bikers and hikers to enjoy. There are many people who are discovering this beautiful destination and are choosing to invest in Peeples Valley AZ houses for sale. The homes in Peeples Valley provide a serene lifestyle, and whether you are looking for a vacation home or a permanent house in the community, you can find one that will meet your requirements. Properties are quite afford...
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