Sun Groves (Gilbert, AZ)
By Marc & Carey Maricopa, Home Bargain Planet
(Solutions Real Estate)
  My client Gary has been in escrow on this short sale now for over 5 months and we are drawing near to the end. Looks like Wells Fargo is going to approve the deal very soon and they are giving us 10 days to close it. Mr. Bluhm from Washington told me today that he forgot what the home looked like! So I went there today and cut a video for him and made this here photobucket worth of pictures to help jog his memory. I think it was over 112 degrees when I got out the car to image up this home for him. Currently it is taking about 2 hours to upload the video I created for him. I did not really edit it. Just made it so he could see the whole house. The details of the home are as follows: 2472 square feet, 4 bedroom, 2 bathrooms with a beautiful pool in the backyard. If you would like to ch...
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