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Silent Soldier

Who We Are:

SilentSoldier.us is an online resource and information center dedicated to the welfare of those who have sacrificed of themselves for the freedoms, ideals and morals we as Americans hold dear to our hearts. The “Forgotten Heroes” of our country, our Veterans, Active Military as well as their Families.

About Us:

SilentSoldier.us, through direct relationships with members of organizations such as The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), The American Legion, The Disabled American Veteran Association (DAV), The Vietnam Veterans’ Association (VVA) chapters, just to name a few… as well as its vast online resources, provides FREE information and help on benefits available through the VA, Federal, State and Local Grants, Student Loans, Jobs, Apprentice Programs as well as Military, Political and Government news pertaining to the worldwide community of America’s Veterans, Active Military and their Family Members. These resources and information are kept current, being updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Mission:

SilentSoldier.us’s mission is to maintain a personal, hand’s on relationship with ALL of America’s Veterans, Active Military and their Family membersby providing them easy access to the most reliable, up-to-the-minute, comprehensive and indispensable Veteran and Military resources available today. SilentSoldier.us continues to form a network of high quality, LOCAL and nationally recognized organizations who offer their professional services to ALL Veterans, Active Military and their Families.

What You Will Find Here:

SilentSoldier.us offers ALL of America’s Veterans, Active Military and their Family Members, FREE OF CHARGE, a national network of sponsored LOCAL professional services which include Attorneys, CPAs, Realtors, Financial Planners, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Health Care Professionals including Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, In-Home Care Specialists and way too many more categories to list, from Acupuncturists to Weight Loss with everything in between.

At SilentSoldier.us we encourage ALL of America’s Veterans, Active Military and their Family Members to take advantage of special services and exclusive programs offered to them by national and LOCAL organizations that respect the sacrifices they’ve made, enabling you, your family and friends, to live a more balanced, well informed, “Better Quality of Life”.

Our Commitment:

SilentSoldier.us’s commitment is to maintain a strong, nationwide network of resources and sponsored businesses for all those who have, and all who continue to strengthen the backbone of our great country. “May God bless America and the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who have sacrificed their lives, their limbs and their families for the freedoms we so easily take for granted”.

Feb 18, 2015 05:01 AM
Mark Madison
Keller Williams - Groton, CT
Real Estate Agent

got involved with Silent Soldier last year and I recieved six referrals from them.  Four of them closed and two of them I'm still waiting on an answer from. Hopes this helps with anyone wondering if the advertising is worth it.

Sep 27, 2015 11:42 AM
Ray Ellen
The Property Group - Little Rock, AR

I received an email inquiry from a man named Troy Layton through Homes.com. (That should have been my first red flag. Using a lead gen site to make a "fake inquiry" that is advertising your own lead gen site is not too high up on the integrity scale.) Inquiry is below:

Hello my name is Troy. I'm the chief military liaison for Silent Soldier.My job is to find one exclusive real estate agent to direct veterans and their families to, for their real estate needs. Please call me back at 1-844-383-8387. Thank you and I'll look forward to your call.

We have a military base in the area and I have helped several veterans and active duty military relocate into our area and find a home, so I thought this was legit.

Basically, they want you to advertise on their website for $179 a year to be the only agent listed in the zip code. I asked him how many leads they currently had for my area and he did not know and said that they weren't "leads" like I am used to and they would be more like a doctor referring to a specialist. His sales pitch was telling me that they only hire disabled vets at silent soldier and I had the opportunity to support them and keeping food on their table. I asked him again how many people they had for my area and he couldn't tell me but said "there was a need or I wouldn't be calling." When I told him I wasn't interested, he became a little rude and very defensive and asked why I called him back. I told him it was because I received his email and entertain opportunities to help like this when I can." He very rudely said, "Oh so you want me to entertain you?" and mumbled some other stuff. I asked for his name again and he said, "Don't worry about it, I'll find someone else." I told him that was OK because I had his email inquiry. He hung up.

Well, that escalated quickly.

In this case, I think "military liaison" is more of "website ad salesperson" when you boil it down.  I hope they do great work with our veterans and I hope the rest of the company does not treat clients this way, but word of caution to other agents.

The quickest route to supporting veterans may be through well known organizations like http://woundedwarriorproject.org & https://www.homesforheroes.com

Jun 26, 2015 07:00 AM
Michael Miller
Crown Realty - Louisburg, KS
Residential Real Estate and Acreage in Ks & Mo.

  I was contacted by Silent Soldier.  I visited with Troy Layton about what they had to offer,  and he seemed passionate about their purpose and their cause.

  He was in no way rude to me, and answered all of my questions.  I am always very sceptical about this type of advertising from past expierences.

I am sure I had more than the normal number of questions.  They were all handled by Mr Layton curtiously, and he was very patient with me. 

I myself, am also passionate about what I do for a living, as a Real Estate agent.  I hope that my enthusiasm isn't misconstrude as rude or overbearing.  

  It seems for the price it may be worth a try!

I have advertised with them and will wait for the results.

Sep 02, 2015 08:21 AM
John Fleming
American Patriot Real Estate - Concord, CA
Residential Real Estate Sales (Owner/Broker)

I just got off the phone with "Troy Layton" of Silent Soldier. To say this "gentleman" was rude would be an understatement. The name of my company is American Patriot Real Estate (located in California). I am a 70% service connected veteran AND retired from the Veteran's Administration. When I told Mr. Layton that a percentage of my companies profits are slated to  go to various veteran organizations and I had never heard of his organization, he got very angry and said, "I guess you just don't want to help veterans." Yeah... That's it, Mr. Layton. And, thank you, sir, for your attitude towards one of the veterans you say your organization helps.

Aug 04, 2015 03:39 AM
Stan Barker
Keller Williams Coastal - Portsmouth, NH
Agent Extraordinaire Seacoast NH

I also got a call from this Troy Layton character from Silent Soldier. After nearly a week of phone tag we finally connected and he immediately went into his sales pitch. He used key words and scenarios to evoke my patriotic side. After a while I could smell the routine and it smelled like a hard pitch. So I played my game by telling him I would review with my business partner. Then his turned on the site tour and directed me straight to the purchase page. I thought this was over the top. So then I started doing my own reviews and found the ones referring to his "Buy or Die" pitch were true. 

THEN IT GOT WEIRD. He started asking, and I quote, "If your car breaks down, do you consult your wife? If you get a flat, do you consult your wife? When you need to fill the tank with gas, do you consult your wife"

This was straight up rude. While the concept of helping veterans is noble, this veteran (Troy) made me sorry that he was the kind of person the veterans had representing them. 

Finally he told me if I did not sign-up for the program right now, he'd dial up another agent in my area and I'd lose my opportunity. I said "Okay" and hung up.

NOBODY puts the hard pitch on Stan The Man.

I hope this helps other agents save some money. We can all help veterans without having some guy ask if I consult me wife when getting gas. RUDE as it gets.

Sep 18, 2015 10:51 PM
Nick Vandekar, 610-203-4543
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc 610-225-7400 - Devon, PA
Selling the Main Line & Chester County

I got called by them last year and advertised as I have a Veteran son, have had no leads or calls come as a result. So not sure how well known they are or not among veterans.

Jan 08, 2015 02:56 AM
Gabe Sanders
Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales - Stuart, FL
Stuart Florida Real Estate

They have a legitimate looking web site, Ray.  I haven't been able to find any reviews about them though.

Jan 07, 2015 07:11 AM
Paulette Plummer
Florida Luxury Realty - Largo, FL
Realtor serving Pinellas County Sellers and Buyers

I'm really glad I decided to do a little research before calling Troy back. I have made some expensive mistakes in the past signing up with "lead generating" or "referal" companies. One of them was with UnionNews.org. I am listed on their website..but I was told that posters advertising my services would be posted in all Union Halls in my county and that I would also be in the Union Magazine that gets mailed out every 3 months. I was also told I would be receiving a copy of the magazine and poster....I NEVER received anything from them. I have friends that are with the union that have subscribtions to the magazine and have Never seen my ad. The worst part of it, is that the sales rep. had assured me that if at Any point I decided I was unhappy with the results, I could cancel the remaining time of my agreement, and would only be charged for the period of time up to the cancellation date. After the time frame passed that the magazine should have been delivered, I started calling the rep., asking questions, and was told he wasn't sure why I didn't receive a copy, but his records showed that one was mailed to me... I informed him that I have a friend that gets the magazine, and my ad was not in it... and that I was not happy with feeling like I was getting the "run-around" and wanted to cancel as he had told me I could... he became very angry and started talking very disresptfully and rude to me...I saw I was getting nowhere, so I hung up. I waited a few days and tried calling him back, but kept getting pushed to voicemail. I finally got through to another sales person, and asked to speak with the manager of the department.. whether or not I was ever really speaking with the actual manager, I guess I will never know for sure.. but when I explained what I was told by the sales person..what I was told I was purchasing and that I was told I could cancel at anytime... I was quickly told that they had recently fired that sales rep., because they found out he was giving misleading and untrue information to get people to sign up with the program..and they were sorry he had lied to me making false promises. I said..ok, great..now that we all are aware of the scam he was running, there should be no problem with you refunding me the $1200 I paid based on information I was provided by someone who was at the time YOUR Employee....They refused to refund me... to this day .. I have not had 1 client evolve from this.

Another company to beware of is called Golfer's Almanac...I purchased a half page ad, because I was told these Almanacs are going to be distributed to all of the Country Clubs with golf courses. They gave me the list of clubs where the almanacs would go to. Unknown to them, I live in one of the communities and have a membership to the Country Club in my community that was on the list. I started calling around to the clubs asking if they had a distribution agreement with Golfer's Almanac, and got the same response from all of them... they confirmed they have not signed any distribution agreement with this company. I also googled Golfer's Almanac, and read some disturbing reviews about it being a scam. I contacted the sales rep, and tried to cancel.. he told me it was too late to cancel, but assured me they are ligit... and that he has signed distribution agreements from the clubs on the list...so  I informed him that I had called and got confirmation from the clubs that they have no agreements with Golfer's Almanac.. that he needed to provide those agreements to me. He never emailed me any proof, only tried to assure me that they are ligit. I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute... and won.

Aug 05, 2015 04:08 AM
Dave Werth

I would find someone who has worked with them before you enter too far into the contract.   I just got toasted and also a number of agents by REO PRO, which also had a legitimate website, and had us do some BPO's.  It was honestly very realistic. Not saying this group is not, but experiences prove to be true.  So I would ask this of you, find an agent from there data base, actually find a few and see if it panned out.  Everyhing you describe sounds like REOPRO scam or Ireopro.  Google there location, and contact them and ask them what is around there work building, where they go to work and then look at it on the google map.  Contact the Better Business Bureau in there city to tsee if there have been any complaints.  Ask questions!!!  Like I said, a number of agents including myself got burnt on a company that was as legit looking as they come! 

Jan 08, 2015 09:32 PM
Lynette O'Brien
Columbia River Properties - The Dalles, OR

I just received a call from Silent Soldier and "Jim Jones". In the middle of getting ready for a meeting when they call, and when they asked if I had a few minutes to spare, I said, "I'm getting ready for a meeting, but I would like more information..." he hung up on me. Rude to say the least. I understand cold calling and that you develop an exit routine after you get turned down, but it puts a bad taste in my mouth when they won't even give me the courtesy of information when I have a genuine interest. I have an MRP Realtor (Military Relocation Professional) designation, and their database is extensive and thorough, along with the training I received. I do my research with the programs I associate with, as I want what is best for my clients.

While I commend people for their dedication to helping our Veterans and active service members, they're not doing them any service by being rude. I won't be recommending their service to anyone.

Jun 06, 2016 06:31 AM
Kimberly Collins
Keller Williams Realty Group - Limerick, PA

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has been treated so rudly by Jim Jones when I asked what the stats are and how many requests have you gotten for Southeastern PA.  When he said don't bother I have more people to call said scam to me!

Nov 09, 2015 07:16 AM
Anne Arjani
Keller Williams - Los Altos, CA

I too got a call from Troy Layton who contacted me from my Listing Leader website. When I tried to suss out the important question of "how much", he was very rude, and used the same line as below: "Why did you call me back?" and my favorite, "I guess you are NOT interested in helping America's Veterans." Try Layton strikes me as an extremly manipulative and unpleasant person, and I suspect someone with a bogus product as well.

Sep 21, 2015 09:23 AM
John Menke
Coldwell Banker Town & Country - Moreno Valley, CA
Inland Empire Income Property

I was contacted by Troy today through the Coldwell Banker Website.  I emailed back to him and got a phone call this evening.  I told him I was a Vet and donate regularly and volunteer with veteran's organizations. I told him I was interested, and would gladly consider participating with his organization. When we finally got to the part about paying $179 per year, I asked if any part of that was tax deductable.  That's when his attitude began to change.  He said that all of the money goes to pay disabled veteran's salaries but it wasn't tax deductable.  That threw up a red flag for me, because it means they aren't actually a non-profit organization.  I told him that I'd like to learn a little more about the company before I decided.  That's when Troy became VERY RUDE. His response was "Forget it. I have 12 other emails I'm responding to, I don't need you. Don't bother calling me back."  If this guy is the face of the company, they have a big problem! BTW, the only zip code that seems to have any services listed is the one he tells you to look up in Arizona.  Other than professionally made media, nothing about this company seems legit to me.  I'm steering far clear of them!

Sep 04, 2015 01:07 PM
Steve Roake
The Freedom Group - Keller Williams Realty Infinity - Naperville, IL
Make Moving Easy!

I just got off the phone with Troy - wasn't rude at all and I declined to pay $179 up front. Website looks eerily similar to Union Resource Center website which is no longer operational with the following message "This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources."  I'm almost certain I spoke to Troy and another guy about 2 years ago an paid some money to advertise on their site for which no leads ever were generated and I never got anything close to what I paid for. I'd steer clear of them. 

Aug 13, 2015 07:35 AM
Donace Dillon
EXP Realty - Chattanooga, TN
Full time - all the time

I just got an email from Mr. Layton, did a google search and found this information.  Thank you for the information.  Doesn't look like it's on the up and up - and I do not tolerate rude people......


REO Pro, is bad news.....scam and stay clear - they change their name every so often.  Same as BANKER REO.....


Aug 11, 2015 06:56 AM
Helene Kelbaugh, REALTOR, Internet Marketing Specialist
eXp Realty - Middle River, MD
eXp Realty
First Name: Troy
Last Name: Layton
Phone: 844-383-8387
Email: troy@silentsoldier.us

Question/Comments: Hello my name is Troy. I'm the chief military liaison for Silent Soldier.My job is to find one exclusive real estate agent to direct veterans and their families to, for their real estate needs. Please call me back at 1-844-383-8387. Thank you and I'll look forward to your call.


Just got this so called "email" today.  Wow.  

Jul 15, 2015 09:10 AM
Adell Forbes (REALTOR®)
eXp Realty - Atlanta, GA
"Knowledge & Experience Working for You"

Ironically; someone claiming to be with "Silent Soldier" contacted me 2 days ago, saying that they're looking for  an agent to refer military buyers to.

I wasn't in front of a computer so he left a phone number for me to call him back. When I did; it turned out to be the phone number for a company called "Pet Food Experts".... extremely odd.

Jun 04, 2015 01:40 AM
Russ Ravary ~ Metro Detroit Realtor call (248) 310-6239
Real Estate One - Commerce, MI
Michigan homes for sale ~ yesmyrealtor@gmail.com

I have never heard of them either.  You never know if it is a scam or a real organization because they prey on your wanting to help a soldier 

Jan 08, 2015 06:43 PM
Tara Zegarski-Stirk
William Raveis Real Estate - Stratford, CT
Knowledgeable, Personable, Patient

I advertised with silent soldier August 1, 2016.  I was hoping I would get the chance to help veterans and their families as I have done many times and it's always a pleasure. It is sad that 3 months later my ad is not posted, I am out $199.00 and they are still calling me.  Jim Jones called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to advertise, my reply "I did 3 months ago"...before I could even finish my sentence he hung up on me!!  I, unfortuantely, have to believe that this is not a legit company and all they have are posts from other websites, links to other websites and use it to get money from people.  

Nov 01, 2016 10:57 PM
Kyle Foster
Keller Williams -DTC - Englewood, CO
Realtor serving the Denver Metro Area

Looks like the silent soldier sales rep is still at it. I just got off the phone with him and googled "Silent Soldier Reviews" and found this post. He asked me if I was ready to become a sponsor and help disabled veterans who risked their lives for my freedom and I said I'll have to check out the company and get back to him. He said don't worry about it cause he has buyers that need an agent now and he'll just call the next agent and give it to them. I felt pressured but loved the hard sell :-) I asked him about his "exclusivity" within the Denver area and he got rude and said he's not going to sell the program to me, if I don't want it he has his fingers dialing the next phone number. I told him I had been scammed out of money before because a lot of people call realtors trying to sell fake services. I specifically said "so I hope you'll understand me exercising caution and wanting to research your company before I give you my credid card number." He said again I don't need you, I'll just call someone else. I said "Ok", and he hung up the phone. Ha! I'm laughing as I'm typing this out because I just can't believe the phone call I just had. I almost signed up because of his guilt trip on helping veterans but he was really just too rude for me to continue any further. 

Oct 20, 2016 06:31 AM
Jeanine Metts
Metts Group at Future Home Realty - Clearwater, FL
Make Your Move with the Metts

Thanks, I just got the email too. Saved me a lot of time.

Aug 27, 2015 10:29 AM
Greg White
Douglas Elliman - Miami, FL
Douglas Elliman Real Estate

I just got an e mail from Troy Layton also. Thanks for the heads up.

Aug 24, 2015 09:46 AM
Robin Rogers
Robin Rogers, Silverbridge Realty, San Antonio, Texas - San Antonio, TX
CRS, TRC, MRP - Real Estate Investment Adviser

I got the same email just today. Thanks to everyone for giving their impressions of this organization.

Aug 19, 2015 09:15 AM
Cat Zwicker, CRS
Desert Sky Real Estate, LLC - Redmond, OR
Down to Earth Service; Out of this World Results!

What caught my attention was your comment "if you do not join they will put you on a list not to refer to"; that type of hard sale tactic is a big indicator that they are just trying to get into your advertising dollars and you will have little or no return from them. 

Jan 09, 2015 01:42 AM
Raymond E. Camp
Ontario, NY
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester

Kevin Mackessy Yes the website looks legit but then comes the money and will there be any results; there are other ways to help and the Vets see more.

Russ Ravary So true

Anna Hatridge Thank you

Jan 08, 2015 08:49 PM
Anna Hatridge
R Gilliam Real Estate LLC - Farmington, MO
Missouri Realtor with R Gilliam Real Estate LLC

Sounds like another company looking for a fee regardless of whether they produce or not. I have recently passed up these types of companies and it has been good for my wallet.

Jan 08, 2015 07:18 PM
Kevin Mackessy
Blue Olive Properties, LLC - Highlands Ranch, CO
Dedicated. Qualified. Local.

Looks to be legitimate, but I've never heard of them before. 

Jan 08, 2015 06:06 AM
Raymond E. Camp
Ontario, NY
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester

Mike Frazier 

It is a group located in Scotsdale, Az. looking for one of anything (Realtor, Mortgage professional, attorney etc)  to refer active, non active military and family in a zip code for referrals to that area for  $179 each year and $100 for each additional zip code around you. Said they started out just in Az. but have gone national and looking to fill multiple areas.

Also if you say no they would put you on a list not to refer to.

Jan 08, 2015 05:53 AM
Raymond E. Camp
Ontario, NY
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Greater Rochester

Gabe Sanders Gary L. Waters, Broker Owner Waters Realty of Brevard, LLC Jeffrey Jones Richard Iarossi Nick & Trudy Vandekar 

It is a group located in Scotsdale, Az. looking for one of anything (Realtor, Mortgage professional, attorney etc)  to refer active, non active military and family in a zip code for referrals to that area for  $179 each year and $100 for each additional zip code around you. Said they started out just in Az. but have gone national and looking to fill multiple areas.

Also if you say no they would put you on a list not to refer to.

Jan 08, 2015 05:53 AM
Mike Frazier
Carousel Realty of Dyer County - Dyersburg, TN
Northwest Tennessee Realtor

Sounds to me like another marketing company trying to cut in on our advertising dollars.

Jan 08, 2015 05:20 AM
Richard Iarossi
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Crofton, MD
Crofton MD Real Estate, Annapolis MD Real Estate

I don't know about that group, but it's not hard to find a Realtor who works with the military.

Jan 08, 2015 02:17 AM
Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty
Bucci Realty, Inc. - Melbourne, FL
Eighteen Years Experience in Brevard County

I have never heard of them either but am curious so I will see if an answer pops up here.  Thanks!

Jan 08, 2015 02:11 AM
Jeffrey Jones
AZ Home Seekers - San Tan Valley, AZ
AZ Home Seekers, azhomeseekers.com

I have never heard of them, I am a member of VAREP  which is a real estate advocacy group located in most states.

Jan 07, 2015 11:21 AM
Debbie Reynolds, C21 Platinum Properties
Platinum Properties- (931)771-9070 - Clarksville, TN
The Dedicated Clarksville TN Realtor-(931)320-6730

I have not heard of this and I work n a military market.

Mar 04, 2017 07:05 PM
Adele Langdon
Los Angeles, CA
Exclusive Realty Inc.

They just left me a vm message. 


Oct 06, 2016 02:22 AM
Tia Stanley
RE/MAX CAPITAL - Williamsburg, VA
...focused on people & the places they love!

Received a call from them today and expressed interest as I am quite interested and experienced with helping veterans. When I indicated I wanted to do a little due diligence and check them out since I was not familiar with them he said he was not selling anything and goodbye. Hung up. Very strange if legitimate.

Jul 22, 2016 05:20 AM
Chelsea Robinson
Rodeo Realty - Encino, CA
Chelsea Robinson

Thanks for this post. Found it while on the phone with them.  As soon as I said that I didn't have any budget left for the year for any additional programs (which is true. My budget is allocated) he abruptly finished the call and hung up.  

I hope this is true though and many people get business from it. It'd be a shame to hear that someone is using our military and patriotism to gain a few bucks. I hope military members are able to legitimately able to use it as a resource.

Jul 19, 2016 08:52 AM
Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

I did today via Linked In. I googled them and found out that those calls and emails are spam. What a shame......

Raymond E. Camp did you answer them? 

Jul 13, 2016 04:46 PM
Mario Gonzalez
Navy to Navy Homes - Jacksonville, FL

Just got off the phone with Jim Jones, who identified himself much like Troy is described above.  Solicitation call came via my cell (first red flag).  He said he had "researched us"...then asked if we "help veterans" (second red flag).  My company is completely military/vet focused, as the name states.  I am a 24yr retired disabled vet who has dedicated his life and current business into giving back to vets.  We donate 25% of our commissions back to vet buyers/sellers and 10% to various vet organizations.

I told Jim I was pressed for time and that this was the third such "vet organization" that had called me in the last month to "partner" with them. I asked him straight up what his fees were...

His retort was that I was being rude and that I wouldn't be a good fit for their partnership because "I treated him rude...and would thus treat vets the same way"  He hung up on me.

Jun 30, 2016 05:48 AM
Karen T Brown
HomeBased Realty - Lancaster, CA

Interesting.  I didn't get a call from Troy, but from a guy named Jim Jones, who also claimed to be the Chief Military Liaison with Silent Soldier.  So, how many CML do they have?  I decided to email them through the contact page on their site.  I asked for confirmation because of concerns of it being a scam. (I hadn't checked here yet).  I to come from a long family line of Vets including my son.  So while I'm sympathetic to the cause I still try to approach cautiously.  When I hit send on the form, the email came directly back to me......it showed I sent the email to me.  I think I'm done.  

May 18, 2016 04:30 AM
Patrick Zetterholm
eXp Realty - Albuquerque, NM
Specializing on the westside and rio rancho.

Well just got a call from him.  When I said I needed to do some background checks before I signed up he was rude and hung up.  Seems about the same experience as everyone else.

May 16, 2016 07:41 AM
Lynda Austin
Keller Williams Realty Brevard - Melbourne, FL
Your Melbourne Florida Native

I just recieved a solitiation through my market leader site, they represent themself as a client looking to have me help with a client.  always suspicous of those, why not call me directly like everyone else.  

Jan 25, 2016 02:06 AM
Migdalia (Micky) Carrero, Broker Associate
eXp Realty, LLC - Kissimmee, FL
Living in Central Florida!

Today I received a lead from my KW Market Leader site.  I called back the lead, in this case, a person named Jim Jones and went straight to vm.  I left a message and then I received a phone call from an unfamiliar number.  At that moment, however, I was on another call and couldn't answer, so I let it go to my vm (to later return whomever's call it was).  It just so happened to be Jim Jones and he left me a vm to give him a call back at his toll free number (the number he first supplied on my Market Leader website).  I first dialed the unfamiliar number he called me from and it just rang and rang and rang, so I hung up.  Then I called back his toll free number he originally gave me but was sent to his vm again.  My message to him was, "Looks like we're playing phone tag, so I will call you again when I get home and settled in for the evening."  He called right back via his other number and we did finally speak.  He seemed nice on the phone and on the genuine side.  He asked if I was a solo agent or on a team, how long I had been an agent, if I had ever sold any homes to veterans before and if I was by a computer at the moment.  I told him I was driving and had no way of checking a computer just yet.  He told me to give him a call when I got home and I agreed to call him then.   Since he seemed like a nice guy with a worthy cause,  I had decided that when I got home, I would give him another call.  So I got home (totally exhausted from a long day) and guess what happened?  Yup!  I fell asleep on my bed.  I woke up a few hours later and remembered that I needed to call Jim back.  Before I picked up the phone, however, I did a little research on his Silent Soldier organization and even though it seems like a commendable network or business, I could not help but feel like I was in the beginning stages of possibly being scammed.  I am a USMC veteran and I do like to give back to fellow veterans, but perhaps not this way.  Thank God I found many of your posts and a random complaint on the BBB.  I believe that God put me in a deep sleep this evening to keep me from falling into a lead gen trap.  On that note, I will not be calling Mr. Jim Jones back and I have totally blocked his number on my phone.  Shame on these folks!  I am not liking the fact that many lead gen representatives are using our legitimate lead gen sites (such as Market Leader) to gain business from us agents.  Not cool!!  Caveat Emptor people!  ;)

Nov 20, 2015 11:41 AM
Tony Lanni
Providence, RI



Jul 22, 2015 01:13 PM
Dipti Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
On a team with Praful Thakkar


May 19, 2018 10:09 PM
Ajay Pandya
e-Merge Real Estate - Columbus, OH
Realtor Ajay Pandya

Not heard of.

Jan 10, 2018 05:48 PM
Bruce Hicks
Best Homes Hawaii - Honolulu, HI
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Raymond E. Camp I am ashamed to admit but I gave $699. 1) because I support veterans. 2) expected leads. 
3> never saw my ad posted
4> after one year, never received a single lead!

Dec 10, 2017 12:08 PM
Tim & Lou Ann Upchurch
Southern Realty Group - Garner, NC
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Nov 17, 2017 03:19 PM
Bob Crane
Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, KW Diversified - Stevens Point, WI
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So many programs preying on soldiers and others, but a few good programs too, check them out well.

Sep 30, 2017 08:47 PM
Praful Thakkar
LAER Realty Partners - Andover, MA
Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale

Not heard of them, Raymond.

Aug 15, 2017 10:50 PM