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WB Consulting services the Collin County area for Small Business Web Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Mobile Web Design, Graphics Design, Video Production and more.  If you are looking for a quality web site built around your business, optimized for your industry, read more about us below.

Our web design process is a little different than most firms.  Most web design companies will build you a home page, some product information pages, maybe an FAQ, Testimonial page and a contact us / buy now page.  If you are reading this saying to yourself, what else do you need, you definitely need to read more about our process.

The design described above is what we call a brochure web site design.  This design methodology works great if you have, 1. An existing user base and or, 2. A notable brand that is well known locally.  If you have neither of these, you might as well print 5000 beautiful tri-fold, 4 color brochures and litter the streets with them in the hopes of getting customers interesting in your business.

Our process might be more involved and take more time to strategize and design, but the return on this time spent far outweighs the old, linear design methods.

Our method of web design is a little more vertical, it involves thinking like your customer.  When customers arrive at your site, they could be in one of many states of thought.  They are looking for a solution to a problem, not a product.


WB Consulting has more than 10 years of web design exsperience.  What makes WB Consulting different than other design firms is we have run ecommerce businesses for more than 9 years and had successful web sites at all of them.  It is this real world exsperience that we bring to the table when talking to you about your businesses design.

WB consulting can take your site and apply our vertical design strategies to turn your web site into a concentric site that better converts traffic to sales or leads.  Our style of design is very different than most web design firms.  Instead of focusing on your products from the ‘store’ looking out, our web design methodology views your products as a customer would, from the outside of the store looking in.

What is vertical web site design?  Vertical web site design is looking at your products as a solution to your customers problems not as an advertisement for your products.  Our design takes a customer’s approach to your web site design, creating information that solves a problem for your clients, while conveying your products quality, your businesses high service standards and convincing more clients to buy.  By using this approach, you can fulfill your customers solutions from the various stages of their purchasing stages.


WBConsulting is a web design servicing the Collin County area, McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano and surrounding areas. We provide unique web design, optimization and marketing services for real estate.