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While there are many Virtual Tour services available for buildings in existence, there aren't many options if someone wants to sell a  property commercial/residential that is either in concept form or under construction.  Nor do the virtual tours really show the property in it's location on earth.  That's were we come in.....


We can either create the 3D model from blueprints, sketches or even photos, or take an existing 3D plan that has been created in a myriad different programs and create it into an Adobe 3D format that can be viewed and manipulated by anyone who has the free Adobe Reader installed on their computer.  The models can also be shown on a web-page and manipulated within the page.


Once the model has been created we can also upload in to Google Earth format for you to show your properties all over the world on their exact location.  This can be a simple home, or an entire Resort complex, a dental office, or a skyscraper.  The only real limits are your imagination.


We can showcase products in a virtual showroom in 3D, Artwork in a 3D gallery, Furniture, Dishes.... as you can see your imagination is the limit.


We have a large range of satisfied customers, both residential home owners, builders, developers and manufacturers.  Feel free to contact us for references.  Our Clients are our best resource.


Please take a moment and tour one of our 3D models, you will be impressed with the level of detail you can showcase.

We look forward to helping you with your next project!

¡Oh, yo casi olvidé decir que podemos hablar español también!


Edward Staelens

President- Virtual Architec LLC


We are launching a whole new specialty in promoting properties not yet built, under construction, or vacation properties shown on location in Google Earth.

Of course we still provide the same great service of providing high quality, custom home plans and 3D models for builders, developers, banks, appraisers, manufacturers, or home owners.

If you are trying to integrate the ability to create your own 3D models and designs, we can help you with software and training as well.  We love to train!  We can train on site or by Adobe connect.  Just ask us about any idea you have. 


We specialize in Thinking Outside the Box!


We create 3D Virtual Models of homes, commercial or resort, and showcase them in Google Earth on location, in 3D Adobe pdf files, or other format of your choosing.