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Get to Know Valentina Cirasola

I focus on remodeling outdated spaces and build new homes, but I especially focus on designing kitchens, wine grottos, baths and entertainment rooms. This is the core of my business, of course I design everything else. In addition to face-to-face home visits,  I  offer on-line consultation through Skype line. I am available to serve my clients at any location in the world.

The most important aspect of my business is that working with me, people feel relaxed and no stress. Everything is planned out to perfection before starting the construction, challenges are studied and resolved well and remodeling construction runs smoothly. 

I love to design custom furniture, which I always manage to produce locally with clever artisans. Every home I have designed and built so far hosts at least a couple of pieces of my personal signature furniture.

Colors are a great part of my business, in fact, I am writing my third book on the subject of Colors. I am a colorist and I am able to bring colors into people's life even when they are afraid to try new things.

I have made appearances on T.V. for the shows:
“On The Town” - “Colorful Journey Of  Success” - "That's Italian" - "Christmas at the Historic Ainsley Home" - “Dreaming California” on Leonardo T.V. (Italian station) - "Redwood City Patch" and I have been interviewed by author Carra Riley on her blogtalkradio.

My projects have been featured and published on major publications:
Vogue magazine, Italy- Gentry South, Gentry Peninsula and Gentry Design, in California
California Home & Design - Bay Living, California
Antiques and Designs, California……..and many more

My life is a continuous evolvement of colorful events. In fact, when I don't design, I write articles, my blogs and my books.
Check out my books website: 

so very different than my design website:

I am here to help you and I always have time for your referrals.
Ciao, Valentina


To help clients visualizing the new spaces, I execute architectural drawings to scale which include floor plans, elevations, perspectives, axonometrics, quick sketches all in colors and black & white lines. 


I am Valentina, an architectural interior designer by trade and the owner of Valentina Interiors & Designs founded in 1990. My passion is to envision spaces that do not exist yet and redesign them.