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 Among the properties we work with our favorite and our growing specialty is equestrian real estate, horse farms are our love. While our team of agents and brokers all specialize in varying types of property Ben and Pamela raise and train horses. We have taken that love of horses and our love of real estate and molded it into an exciting niche. Turn-Key Properties LLC is the only Accredited Equestrian Real Estate Professional in the Missouri and Kansas areas.

Specializing in horse farms takes great knowledge of the market, the lifestyle and the needs of horses and horse people. As a founding member of The Institute of Equestrian Real Estate Professionals, Ben helps to train and educate others in the field, to better serve their clients.

We are Kansas Cities investment property experts! While many other agents will sell you an investment property we are more interested in finding you one that you want to buy. Most residential real estate agents sell pretty kitchens to soccer mom's, they could no more break down a Cap Rate or an Internal Rate of Return than get you a good deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.

 Unfortunately many real estate investors come to us too late, their "buyers agent" has sold them something that has little or no cash flow and they are desperately trying to survive. Many others buy pie in the sky marketed by slick salesman as having great cash-flow potential. While either it is vacant and will never realize the exaggerated rents predicted or the seller filled it up with warm bodies to "fluff" the rent roll, the end result is lost money.

 With 25 years of Investment Property experience and a real understanding of what is a realistic rental rate and what will cash flow, Turn-Key Properties LLC is your one stop investment property shop. From locating and acquiring the property to management, rent collection, tenant selection and ultimately liquidation of your asset. Turn-Key Properties LLC is the solution.

 We serve all of Greater Kansas City, both Kansas and Missouri and all of the KC suburbs. Located in Raytown, Mo. we are centrally located to Jackson, Johnson, Clay, Platte, Wyandotte and Cass Counties.

Looking for investment property, Kansas City is absolutely boiling over with foreclosures, There has not been an opportunity like this in many years. Give us a call to help you find that property. If you need a turnkey property solution we can find it, rehab it and rent it. If your looking for property already rented we can do that too. As property managers and real estate brokers we know the market, and even more important we know how much rent it should bring.

Unlike most others we DO NOT invest in real estate. we manage others investments, help others find the "good deals" and direct our clients to make smart buying decisions.

Investment real estate is much different than selling pretty kitchens to soccer mom's we know the rental market, the sales market and the income expense side of real estate. Visit us at  .

Always growing and expanding we have added yet another extension of our business, Bates County Real Estate. Bates County, MO is where our family farm is, we look forward to retiring there some day. In our weekly trips to Bates County we found that many of the local agents had little or no Internet presence, in fact some companies in the area didn't even have websites or use the MLS. We set up Bates County Real Estate to help serve the real estate needs of our friends and family in rural Missouri and Rural Kansas.



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Members of the BBB, NARPM, Chamber of Commerce,The Institute of Equestrian Real Estate Professionals and many other associated organizations.

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Investment Property, Commercial Real estate, Farm, Ranch and Equestrian Property. Sales, leasing and property management; over 25 years experience, Accredited Residential Management.