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Tim Peterson
Realtor Safety Training Classes
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Get to Know Tim Peterson

I was born and Raised in Madison Wisconsin but Moved to San Diego California when I was 18. I spent the next 25 years there  until finally moving back here 13 years ago. I was a Stay At Home Dad for almost 15 years

I have my Brokers License and previously was a Private Detective and worked as an Insurance Investigator and Bodyguard.

I am a Certified Instructor with the NRA and after a personal incident in July 2011 I realized that it is my duty and obligation to pass on the knowledge I have about self defense and do the best I can to Defend my Family and others. I do not believe everyone should carry a gun but I do believe we will all be safer in Wisconsin as we become the 49th state to allow concealed carry of Weapons.

We have designed a Realtor Safety Class and also teach classes which Qualify as training for the new Concealed Carry  License here in Wisconsin and discuss less lethal alternatives and things you can do as A Realtor to make yourself safer. There have been so many incidents of Realtors getting hurt or killed while having open houses or showing houses.

The incredible mob violence that took place in Milwaukee in separate instances shows us that we can't be safe in common instances such as getting gas or Even at the Wisconsin State Fair with Dozens of Police there.

It reminds me of when I was in Los Angeles after the Rodney King Incident.

We also have a recent Supreme Court decision that affirms the Police do not have an obligation to protect us. Only to respond when something happens.

I will continue to refer clients to the best I know in the Real Estate Business and advise my clients as I have in the past but my focus will be on helping and training people to protect themselves with my emphasis on Realtors and associated businesses that put themselves in harms way on a regular basis.

We Show and Tell you where to get the 3 things that are legal now in all 50 states that everyone should carry with you at all times to defend yourself.

We teach classes in the Madison area but also offer private lessons and classes at your business or Real Estate Office anywhere in Wisconsin

I am so thankful to have found Active Rain. What a wonderful community you have here. I originally joined last April but honestly have only been active since mid January 2011. I have met so many wonderful people here.



We Teach REALTOR SAFETY CLASSES and also classes that will Qualify for the new Wisconsin Concealed Carry License.

We talk about the 3 best self defense items you can get and should carry at all times to protect yourself and others. We do not believe everyone Should or will carry a gun but there are less lethal but highly effective alternatives.  The new law also Known as the Personal Protection Act allows us many alternatives to Guns that are currently prohibited by law. For all the info please visit the website for the complete text of the law and also the interpretation by the NRA and a Q&A by the Wisconsin Justice Department clarifying their position.



NRA Certified Instructor Former Private Detective/BodyGuard and Broker teaching Realtor Safety Classes and Concealed Carry Classes(CCW)