The Real Estate Ranger Plainview MN e-PRO, CDPE, REALTOR (Counselor Realty of Rochester)

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Rochester , MN 55901

Military Vet who continues to serves fellow Americans in achieving the American Dream.

Get to know The Real Estate Ranger Plainview MN e-PRO, CDPE, REALTOR

What makes The Real Estate Ranger different than other real estate agents? I provide my clients with completely paperless transactions. To Buyers this means we can make an offer on the spot, literally. By having all the documents on my Tablet PC, a client can write, sign, and send the offer right from the kitchen table of the home they want to buy. My clients get a copy via email for their own record and review. Best of all, the offer is in and my clients can go home. Other agents require their clients to go back to the office to fill out the documents, printing the documents, sign, scan them, and then email the offer before they can go home. This could take another hour or more depending what city the house is in. I feel this wastes my client's time and may puts them at a disadvantage with their offer. Because of this delay in sending their offer, the offer may cause them to be a backup offer or worse. I offer this benefit to my clients so their offer is in first and to minimize of thier time spent on paperwork & maximize thier personal time. This ensures the transaction  process is streamlined and less stressful. I believe people should enjoy buying a home, not stress about it!

To Sellers this benefit means we can make changes without having to go back to the office. We can sign the listing agreement and get it on the market immediately instead of losing a day of exposure or miss a buyer. We can change features and benefits to my clients' listing, update photos, video, etc. Have you ever wondered what your agent is doing to market your property each week? I post all my activities to my clients on my webpage. My clients can see what I am doing and when I am doing it 24/7!


The Real Estate Ranger specializes in buying and selling residential homes, condos, HUD homes and investment properties in Rochester Minnesota and surrounding areas. I chose to be a Professional Realtor to educate, advise and guide people on one of their largest financial decisions of their life. I believe people should enjoy buying or selling their home, not worry about it!