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We at the Moorish Law Services (MLS) and the Moorish Department of Land and Property Acquisition have been fighting against the bank (and those corporations/groups/societies with similar interest) to keep homeowners in their homes.  Offering our expertise and experience to the public as a service we are not members of the BAR nor are we licensed to practice law so if it is legal advice that you seek then it is recommended that you seek competent legal counsel.


 With that being said I would like to give a brief introduction of myself, and what I have to offer as well as some of the things that we currently have going on here in my neck of the woods (Chicago, IL).  My name is Lyonel Love EL and became licensed as a real estate salesperson in Illinois in 2001. Coldwell Banker (2002-2005) is where I received most of my experience in the field and I would soon find out that I would have to reinvent myself to stay in the real estate game.  After acquiring a few investment properties through an investment company that would bottom out I found myself holding the bag and the prospect of tackling multiple foreclosures (3 to be exact) simultaneously which literally translates into trial by fire! Tackle those foreclosures I did and in doing so gained a wealth of knowledge and experience (and this all took place between 2007-2008) which is not to say that I haven’t had my share of setbacks (who hasn’t?).  Fear is the biggest and most dangerous foes when facing these banks and their cabal of lawyers.  The average person (who is usually unfamiliar with the statutes of record and procedures of the courts) faces a most daunting task indeed and in some cases cave in to the intimidation tactics of unscrupulous individuals who are only interested in lining their pockets with dollars from the same bank(s) that is responsible for fraudulently removing people from their homes.