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John Davison
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Get to Know John Davison

I am the team leader of The Davison Real Estate Group at RE/MAX Realty Resources in Lake Mary, Florida.  I got into this business with a much different perspective than most agents, to re-define "full-service" real estate.  What makes us different?  For starters, my phone is always turned on and on my hip.  I am accessible to my clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Right up front, we provide our sellers with complimentary home staging consultations and home warranties.  While we suggest a sales price, ultimately our sellers set the asking price.  We then hold one brokers open house and public open houses each of the first three weekends the home is listed.  We gather data, opinions and information and revisit our pricing position with the sellers.  We then make adjustments and proceed to the next phase.  This phase includes weekly market/neighborhood updates (what has sold, changed price or been recentrly listed).  We inform our sellers of their position in the market, most importantly in their neighborhood, each week.  Knowing the competition allows us (and our sellers) to make the necessary adjustments to our marketing strategy each step of the way.  This systematic process of micro-managing each listing ensures our success.  To date, we have not lost a listing!  We pre-qualify buyers both financially and personally to determine both the appropriate home types we need to research for them and to determine their level of commitment to us.  Unlike a lot of agents, we refuse to act as tour guides to people unless we know what they can afford and their overall level of commitment to us.  Once both parties determine the working relationship will be a productive one, we make ourselves available as often as our buyers need us.  We provide buyers with comprehensive detailed information regarding the homes they would like to preview, backround on the sellers and a property history detailing the severity and frequency of the price adjustments on the home in question.  Once we determine the sellers motivation, we put our buyers in a position of strength by affording them as much leverage as posiible to negotiate a deal for the property in question.  We do all of this, and more.  No gimmicks.  No astericks*.  Whether we're representing sellers or buyers, our high levels of commitment, expertise and aggressiveness allow us to continuously re-define "full-service" real estate, one valued client at a time.


Our expertise is in residential real estate.  We work with buyers and sellers alike.