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About us Twincitiesrent2own is a Real Estate investment company focused on meeting the challenges of today’s Real Estate market with non-traditional solutions. Our laser focus is on matching Sellers unable to sell with Buyers unable to buy. Today’s Real Estate market has not only been a challenge for Sellers, but also Buyers. The mortgage pendulum has swung far to the opposite side now, making it difficult for many Buyers with sound financials to acquire a mortgage to purchase a home. The days of anyone being able to qualify for a mortgage are gone, contributing to the difficulties Sellers are having. We specialize in pairing our market challenged Sellers with our mortgage challenged Buyers via a Lease Purchase Sale, also know more commonly as a “Rent to Own”. This creates a win for our Sellers, as they now have a viable transaction that increases their net profit over a traditional sale, as well as increases their cash flow. This is also a win for our Buyers, as they are able to secure a property for purchase at the same time they are working to acquire a mortgage for a successful close on the property. This is a Win/Win which is challenging to accomplish in today’s Real Estate market. Twincitiesrent2own team roster is made up of two former Mortgage Brokers, one Realtor, one Real Estate Broker, and two Real Estate Investors. As a team, we have over 50 years of experience and we have successfully closed thousands of transactions. In the last 3 years alone, we as a team have closed hundreds of non-traditional sales creating successful outcomes for those who previously felt their situation was hopeless. Our Mission Our Mission is to serve you, our customer, with integrity and respect. We do this by creating and delivering a unique and valuable service that is committed to helping you accomplish your dreams of selling your home or buying a new one. We promise to be fair, to listen, and create a service that meets your needs. We promise to provide professional customer service that is courteous, consistent and caring. We do all of this by providing a service that is unmatched by our competitors in quality and excellence. No one will work harder than we will to help you buy or sell your home. Simply stated, our mission is achieving your creative Real Estate solution!    



In today’s challenging real estate market there is a large population of Sellers who are unable to sell their home. We commonly meet folks that, through no fault of their own, have been unable to sell their home. Who can sell when values have plummeted and every other house on the market is a short sale or a foreclosure listed for pennies on the dollar? Who can sell when you have to bring money to close? It is fair to say that we have all been living through a time we would like to forget. If you are one of these good people who have suffered through this rough real estate market, and you are:

SICK of trying to sell but AFRAID of renting your home! SICK of watching your EQUITY DISAPPEAR! SICK of WORRYING about your mortgage payment! SICK and TIRED of endless showings with NO OFFERS! SICK of wondering when you can just MOVE ON!

If this is you, then you are likely a good seller candidate for looking into what a lease with an option to purchase has to offer you. A lease with an option to purchase could SET YOU FREE!!!

Here’s Who

Our Team Members have all had the pleasure of working to help folks from many walks of life get out from under the burden of the home they could not sell. We work with GOOD PEOPLE who are being faced with the CHALLENGING CIRCUMSTANCES of today’s real estate market. They NEED to sell, but they can’t or don’t want to: 1. Bring money to the table, 2. lose all their equity, or 3. make any more mortgage payments. They JUST WANT OUT! OUT of this JAIL they call homeownership. Here are some general guidelines for people we may be able to work with:

YOU must be ready to MOVE ON with your life. YOU must not need all your cash out immediately. YOU must be willing to accept CASH FLOW (aka debt relief). In other words, covering your monthly expenses on the home with some left over for you. YOUR property must not be upside down. In plain English, that means your home must realistically be worth 5-10% more than you owe the bank.

If this sounds like you, and you just want to be done with all of the run around, then selling on a lease with the option to buy to a good quality Tenant Buyer may be the answer for you. But how does this all work you say?

Here’s How

The process of putting together a successful lease option sale parallels that of a traditional sale, with only a few exceptions. The process has several steps, just like when you sell a home.

The first step would be an initial interview to determine if the lease option sale strategy is a fit for you and your home. Step two would be to match you and your property with a qualified Tenant Buyer. All TENANT BUYERS must meet with a mortgage broker to determine that they could QUALIFY for the purchase of your home at the end of the lease term (usually 12-24 months) . The Tenant Buyer’s status is continually monitored during the lease period to give the highest level of assurance that the sale will CLOSE. Who are our Tenant Buyers you ask? They are folks just like you. They likely had some unforeseen challenge that caused them to have a short term credit hit. We often see things like a short sale, unexpected medical bills, divorce, death of a spouse, or maybe a job loss. Step three is to CLOSE on the SALE of your home on or before the end of the lease, so you can take your money and run!

Most of our Sellers will end up making MORE MONEY selling through a Lease Option then through a traditional sale. Oh, and one last thing! If your home is listed with a Realtor, we will get them paid too!



Here’s Why

In today’s challenging real estate market, there is a large population of potential Buyers who are unable to purchase a home for any number of reasons, and yet they are driven to the dream of homeownership. We commonly see folks who, through no fault of their own have had credit challenges. Things like unexpected medical bills, the loss of a job, a divorce, the death of a spouse, or even a severe increase in an adjustable rate mortgage. Those are just a few of the unforeseen bumps in the road that many have experienced over the last few years. If you are one of these good people who have suffered through an unfortunate circumstance and you are:

SICK of renting! Wanting to build EQUITY! Wanting a space you can call your OWN! Seeking PRIDE of ownership! Wanting a home NOW! Wanting your family to have some place to really call HOME! Needing a NEW BEGINNING after a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy!

If this sounds familiar, then you are quite possibly a good candidate for looking into what a lease with an option to purchase could do for you.

Here’s Who

Our Team Members have all had the pleasure of working to help folks from many walks of life achieve/re-achieve their dream of homeownership. Most often we work with GOOD PEOPLE who have been faced with a set of challenging circumstances and they are in the process of rebuilding their lives. The following guidelines would be helpful for our Team to move forward in assisting you:

You must have a 540+ credit score (exceptions are possible for specific hardships). If you have had a Foreclosure it must have been 2+ years ago. If you have had a Bankruptcy it must have been 1+ years ago. If you have had a Short Sale it must have been 6+ months ago. You must have a solid work history with your current employer for a minimum of 1+ years. You must have an income level that would qualify you to buy a home. You must not have high levels of debt. Savings that allow you to put 5-7% down payment for the option fee, with some reserve left over for unexpected expenses. Here’s How

The process of a lease option purchase parallels that of a traditional purchase, with only a few exceptions. The process has several steps, much like buying a home.

After filling out an application, we conduct an interview to determine if a lease with an option to purchase is right for you. Next, you sit down with a mortgage broker to determine what you could conservatively qualify for by the end of your lease option period based on your current situation. If credit repair is determined to be appropriate, we would refer you to a reputable, non-affiliated credit repair group at OUR EXPENSE. We will assist you in monitoring and taking corrective action to insure the highest likelihood of being able to qualify for your mortgage by the end of your lease/option agreement. Then it is time to match you with a home that meets your wants and desires, and a Seller that is motivated to have a high quality Tenant Buyer like you in their home.

As soon as you are able to qualify to purchase your home (usually well before the end of the lease/option date), we set a closing date and you are now the PROUD OWNER!.

Our team of experienced and caring professionals will guide you through the lease option process to insure the best experience possible!



Twin Cities Rent 2 Own is MSP and St Paul’s only Real Estate Company that specializes EXCLUSIVELY in the Rent 2 Own / Lease Option Niche.