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Tana McNutt
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Get to Know Tana McNutt

I am efficient and prompt in home inspection reporting.  Home Inspection reports are usually presented to the client within two business days.  I am willing to travel all of Aroostook County, Northern Penobscot County and Washington County.   Mileage fee is 50 cents a mile round trip.

I am also a Certified Well Sampler.  I totally clean the test area with alcohol, take samples, inspect the well area for contaminants that may be stored too closely to the well.  I inquire about fertilizers, weed control products, gas, oil, Pressure Treated Wood used for construction, animal waste, septic/sewer leaching, etc.  The well casing is inspected to make sure that it is the proper height, not too low so that surface water would be able to enter. The well cap is inspected because most well caps are the type with three set screws and they are not sanitary well caps.  Insects are able to crawl under the cap, fall into the well and cause bacteria. I strongly recommend the sanitary sealing well cap, which is not expensive and easily installed.

 I am a Selectperson for the town of New Limerick, vice president and on the board of directors of the Drews Lake Association, agent of record for the Drews Lake Dam, North Shore Road Fund manager,on the board of directors for the Northern Katahdin Valley Solid Waste District, NACHI Certified Home Inspector, member of Maine Coalition of Home Inspector Professionals, a Notary Public, on the board of directors for Houlton Humane Society and still find time to mow the grass, clean the house, garden, cook meals, go kayaking, walk my Siberian Husky Moxie four miles a day, take care of the chickens and six cats and spend time with family and friends!


Building inspections are all different, as all buildings are different.  My expertise is that I am very thorough and inspect the building as if I were buying it.  I am not afraid to crawl on my belly though a crawlspace encountering spiders, other insects, reptiles and even animals. I am small enough to crawl where most men are not able to get through and I have seen male clients cringe at some of the things I have to deal with along the way.

I have received many compliments on my report writing. Most everyone says that my reports are much more personal, very thorough,more interesting and not the usual canned versions that are out there.

And...the best thing is that I have maintained friendships with almost all of my clients,  Some are repeat clients and many have sent friends to me as clients, sadly a few have just disappeared once the inspection is complete; they are clients that did not buy the property and did not move to this area.  So far, in eleven years, I have only had one bad experience; that was with a girlfriend of one  of my clients.She did not like me from the get go! (A County term).



I am a buiding inspector in Northern Maine.