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Wholesale mortgage interest rate provider for your home loans, refinance, FHA loans.

At Century Home Lending, we ensure that our clients' benefit is top priority. We make sure our clients are completely satisfied by offering the lower mortgage rates and the best service.

As an independent mortgage broker with multiple national funding partners, I am able to secure for you a very competitive interest rate with little or no closing cost !!! And in addition to great rates on conventional loans and jumbo loans, I can offer the same for FHA loans.

By selecting Century Home Lending you won't have to deal with layer of people, either- just me. I will personally handle your mortgage loan from start to finish, close it in 30 days or less, and do it all for lower rate and for less, less fees than you're likely to find somewhere. 

Thank you for considering Century Home Lending for your home loan. Having arranged mortgage financing for over 5 years, I take great pride in knowing that I can offer the best terms possible for you. People come to Century Home Lending for wholesale interest rates, very low lender fees, and personal service offered by me.

Call me at 714-251-7747 so I can answer questions you may have, or click on the “Request Mortgage Quote” button below to get started your loan request!! on our website at

"Your Satisfaction Is Our Business" 

Thanks you,

Andy Vu, Mortgage Professional.
NMLS # 238726
DRE# 01859608

Please call CENTURY HOME LENDING for a FREE QUOTE for home loan, refinance at 1-714-251-7747 for our California resident.

Specialties: Home Loan, Refinance, FHA, Credit Analyst, Underwriter, Real Estate Investment.




TestimonialsHello,  My name is John.  Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service. My loan officer was Andy Vu and he did a very great job.We are very satisfied with all work he did for my mortgage.  I have referred him to many of my friends and they have all said great things about him.

John McMahan Huntington Beach, CA

Recently, we refinanced our home with Century Home Lending. We shopped around a few places but we weren't satisfied with any of them  When we went to Century Home Lending, we were immediately helped by Andy Vu who offered us better rates and a lower closing cost upfront, all before asking us to provide our loan paperwork. He'll be getting all referral from me.                     Don Becker Irvine, CA

About three months ago we bought a home, I investigated the options in area and we made a number of phone calls to look for a real estate agent to help us find the house we were looking for.  Through these calls we met Andy Vu at Century Home Lending.  After I spoke with Andy, who was very courteous on the phone by the way, I decided to make Century Home Lending my broker.  We love the home and feel very pleased with the transaction. I definitely recommend Andy and Century Home Lending.                                  

Darin de Grase Midway City, CA.

You did, and the rates and fees that were quoted to me were the most  competitive. I was skeptical, but decided to pursue the loan.  And, most importantly, everything was exactly as Century Home Lending said it would be, no hidden fees, no surprises, the loan closed on time and the fees were exactly as quoted.
Debbie Fields  Irvine, Ca


I am writing to let you know how pleased and satisfied with the service and support I have received from Century Home Lending. I have recently completed transactions from Century Home Lending. I must admit that I was a little bit "leery" of working with a company I found off of the internet but the service and support I have received has been truly wonderful.In particular I would single out my loan representative (Andy) and the loan processor I have been working with (Mary) as having given me outstanding service and really going above and beyond the call in helping me to get my loans approved. They were both very professional and helpful every step of the way.So, let me just say thanks again for all of your help and rest assured that I will be recommending Century Home Lending to all of my friends and co workers in the future.
"Michael Sw Fountain Valley, CA

I wanted to thank you for your excellent service in helping me in financing the purchase of our new home. As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about securing a mortgage, especially via the internet. I was thrilled to discover that the compelling rate that your firm offered was matched by the responsive, professional nature in which you and your colleagues shepherded me through the loan origination and funding processes. You answered all of my questions promptly, looked out for my interests and delivered as promised. I would highly recommend your services." 
Henry Hertz Cypress, CA.

We completed the home purchase yesterday just as you predicted. Thank you so much for helping us through the loan application, patiently allowing me to "bug" you all the time, and answering all my questions. I really appreciate your help and efficiency of getting our application completed so fast. I hope you would not mind if I come to you again if I ever need to apply for mortgage in the future, or ask my friends to come to you for help. It was really a pleasure to work with you. 
Moe Manesh.


Prior to house hunting, I shopped for lenders. I called many banks and brokers for comparisons on fees, rates, and services. When I saw Century Home Lending,  I decided to see if you really would call me back right away.  You did, and the rates and fees that were quoted to me were the most  competitive. I was skeptical, but decided to pursue the loan.  The most important thing to me was the service.  Century Home Lending gave me a great initial quote and followed through with it all the way through the end.
Henry Nguyen Westminster, CA


Century Home Lending was exceptional; I would recommend century Home Lending to anyone. Once I found Century Home Lending on Zillow, the refinance process was quick, efficient, and transparent. Without ever meeting Century Home Lending's staff in person, They quickly fostered my trust and confidence with my finances and the process was trouble-free (a pleasant surprise from past Internet experiences). They promptly returned my phone calls and thoroughly answered questions regarding my loan. They ensured that I got an outstanding competitive rate and they was well worth the fee. Anyone using Century Home Lending will be well taken care of and as pleased as I am in the end. Thanks again Century Home Lending! I found Century Home Lending from my search on the Internet. I was skeptical at first. But feel easy after reading one of the reviewers positive feedback. It really turned out to be a very good refi experience. Andy is a very prompt in responding to my questions and concern. They even return your call or email on weekend or night. I will definitely recommend CHL to friends and family. Thank you Century Home Lending We could not have been more satisfied and pleased with Century Home Lending's customer care and service. No query was left hanging and each and every question was answered almost immediately. If all customer service personnel were as knowledgeable and as attentive as Century Home Lending there will be more business done. Very humble mortgage broker with a good sense of humor. I could write more praises but you get the picture.--  I have been impressed by Century Home Lending and the escrow co., etc. that he works with. I hate the mortgage industry at-large because of the many games, garbage fees, referral kick-backs and the like. So naturally, I was skeptical about the website which I only went to because my son suggested I visit the site. While it was not the only source of bids I sought out (I also requested Refi worksheets from 2 banks, credit union, etc.), I found the quotes given via Zillow were much more competitive than the banks I had interacted with, and the banks I checked in with had an ?attitude? that was either less than forthcoming or condescending. They are just annoying I?ve decided. Century Home Lending was one of three quotes I rec?d off Zillow and decided to pursue out of ~20 - 30 anonymous quotes I rec?d via Zillow's Mortgage Market Place overall. One of these 3 lender/brokers never contacted me. Another contacted me but was 200 miles away and said some things that concerned me. Andy on the other hand contacted me within an hour or so and we talked on the phone. Of course, my initial choice of these 3 revolved around customer reviews, APR and ?fees?. As one knows, every lender has different ways they want to slice the pie, so Zillow?s ?True Cost?, or the sum total method, was a helpful feature. At the end of the day, when a borrower shops/screens loans, they are primarily just wanting to know the bottom-line fees for a given interest rate. Once you have this, then you can start looking at the quotes you have in more detail which I did for the 2 that I ended up pursuing. Of course I was still skeptical by my nature, but I decided to go forward with getting the numbers from these last two sources just to see how it played out. Since Andy was more local to me, I decided I would start to talk to him first. I had the other quote as my back-up plan. In my interactions with Andy, he was very personable yet also professional and he didn?t try to BS me with a lot of extraneous information that I was asking for. He was very straightforward and, as I would later realize, he is not the 'game' playing type which was refreshing. To shorten this feedback, let me just say that I first got my Zillow quote from him on 2/20/10 and the Refi closed with the lender on 3/22/10. We only had a 30-day rate lock, so hurry was the watchword and Andy managed the various players in the process very effectively, always patient and never assuming anything that might later slow the process down. I could personally see that he was intimately involved in the entire process, seemingly always available, gave me reasonable answers to questions I posed to him and his customer service in general was impressive for the real estate business. I started out skeptical, but finished very pleased with a very competitive loan that would have been unheard of from the big banks. I double-checked the loan numbers every time there was a new iteration of the fees, APR, etc. and never found any discrepancies except there were a couple of fees that came in a couple bucks lower than the initial quote. . I looked and looked for any red flags during the month long process. I just could not find anything that was concerning to me, which is remarkable given that I have an MBA and have, for 25 years, reviewed financial statements, budgets and the like as a profession and have a reputation for finding errors that nobody else has noticed before, even though the document had been double-checked by others. So Kudos go to Andy, Century Home Lending, for making me feel like I truly got a competitive loan from an honest individual in an industry that is not known for looking out for their customers first. Go Figure :=) This review is a bit long, but it represents a token of my appreciation for the job Andy did for me. Of course one should always do their due diligence and double-check numbers like a hawk on the various loan documents/disclosures to make sure they are consistent from step-to-step in the process, but I found Andy consistently honest in his dealings with me.
Thanks Andy! Good Job!







As an independent mortgage broker with multiple national funding partners, I am able to secure for you a very competitive interest rate with little or no lender fees and personal service offered by me